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6 Best and Complete Library Applications on Android

Best Library Apps for Android

If you are one of those who like to read books, of course you need a library application. This application allows you to read various books through your Android phone.

So you no longer need to bother going to the library, because with an Android phone you can too. There are already many library applications available on the PlayStore, here is BugisTekno presenting a row of the best applications that you should try.

Recommended Best Library Apps on Android

1. iPusnas

iPusnas Library Application

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia has launched a library application called iPusnas. The goal, so that people can continue to read books even at home.

The various features presented by the iPusnas application are also very interesting, such as social media features that allow you to communicate with other iPusnas users. A feed feature that can monitor user activity regarding what books are often read and many other features.

2. Eperpusdikbud

Eperpusdikbud Library Application

Eperpusdikbud is one of the library applications owned by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Through this application, you can enjoy thousands of ebook collections along with an ereader to read ebooks comfortably.

The Eperpusdikbud application has grouped every existing book, so you can find the title of your favorite book according to your wishes.

3. My Library

My Library App

For those of you who are interested and want to read books or journals abroad, then this third application is the right choice. The My Library application makes it easy to find the book you want to find quickly.

Despite the simple appearance, reading books through this application still feels comfortable because it is free and without annoying ads.

4. iJakarta

iJakarta Library Application

The next best library application is iJakarta which is presented by the DKI Jakarta Library and Archives Service in collaboration with Aksamaraya as the application developer. The features available in this application are also not much different from the previous application.

The feature is social media that you can use to interact with other users. You can give each other recommendations for books you have read, submit book reviews and of course make new friends.

5. iTani

iTani Library Application

If you are looking for books that discuss various agricultural matters or are currently studying agriculture, then this application is perfect for you.

The application made by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture provides a wide collection of books specifically for agriculture. So for those of you who are happy with agriculture, you can deepen your agricultural knowledge through this iTani application.

6. iBI Library

iBI Library App Library

Furthermore, the sixth best library application is the iBI Library, presented by Bank Indonesia. This application will make you more comfortable in reading because it does not require internet access.

Not only that, the various features available are also not much different from previous applications, such as social media, ereaders, feeds, to bookshelves that will store a history of borrowing what books you have read.

Well, those were some of the best library applications on the BugisTekno version of Android that you can use to increase your insight. The list of applications above are all free and you can directly download them via the Google Play Store.