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5 Skincare Apps to Help Skin Care!

Skincare Application to Help Skin Care

Having smooth and toned skin is a dream for women. Yep, achieving this is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, we need to do skin care.

Luckily, everyone who wants to do skin care is made easier thanks to the emergence of applications that can help manage skin care. These applications are usually referred to as skincare applications.

Well, if you need the application, don’t worry, BugisTekno has prepared it below. Therefore, just take a look at the following reviews.

Recommended Skincare Applications to Help Skin Care

1. Bliss Skin

Bliss Skin App

Skin Bliss is an app that can help you understand what your skin needs and manage your skincare routine. When registering in this application, you must answer a number of questions related to your skin type so that the application can better understand what you need.

The important thing is to answer all the questions so the app can recommend the right product, but you can of course skip that if you want.

After the application knows what you are looking for, the Skin Bliss application will show you which products are suitable for your skin type. You can also search for specific types of products through the categories displayed, such as cleansers, toners, and treatments.

In addition to the recommended products, the Skin Bliss app also offers skin care tips on a variety of different topics, including dry skin, aging, and a number of well-known skincare ingredients, such as phenoxyethanol and UV agents. You can learn a lot about proper skin care and helpful ingredients with these tips.

Apart from that, you can also create blacklists and whitelists of ingredients, so the app won’t recommend products that contain the things you’re avoiding.

2. TroveSkin

TroveSkin App

Next, the second skincare application recommendation is TroveSkin. This application is also very good, because it can analyze your skin and then recommend products and routines to help you achieve the perfect skin care plan.

The app will start by using a photo of your face to analyze your skin type and problem areas. From here, TroveSkin will tell you what you need to work on, such as pores, pimples, or texture.

It will also set up a recommended morning, afternoon, and evening routine, which will tell you what type of product you should use each day, such as a toner or sunscreen. Meanwhile, this app will also tell you why each product is beneficial for the skin.

Apart from these features, you can also record your skin’s progress in a skin care diary. Every day, the app will take a photo of your face, then check how the process is going by asking a number of questions about your mood, sleep, menstrual cycle, and more.

The app also lets you earn points by completing certain activities, such as uploading skin care products, referring friends, or completing health records. Then it will then offer you a reward based on how many points you have earned so far. Of course, this application is perfect for those of you who want to look beautiful.

3. FeelinMySkin

FeelinMySkin App

The recommended skincare application for the third best skin care is FeelinMySkin. This app allows you to understand your skin and create a consistent treatment routine.

Unlike TroveSkin, the FeelinMySkin app will assume that you already know your skin type, be it oily, combination, or otherwise. However, once you give the app your skin type, the app will explain the main problems associated with it, the main problem areas and how common your skin type is.

Then, you can create a series of skincare routines with the products you already use. Unlike Skin Bliss, this app will not recommend you buy products for your routine. The goal is more centered on creating reliable schedules, rather than finding new products and materials.

This app also has an interesting feature called Term of the Day. This feature lets you learn a word about skincare every day that you may not have heard before, so you can improve your skin as you learn!

4. Skincare Addiction

Skincare Addiction App

If you are sure about your skincare routine, but just need a schedule to keep you on track, this Skincare Addiction app is the right choice.

Even though the app is very simple, it has a clear focus on maintaining a routine. Just add the skincare products of your choice to your morning, afternoon, and evening routine, and the app will work on giving you the right schedule for you to follow.

Apart from that, you can also check your progress and make sure you’re following the plan consistently, so you don’t forget or skip routines that you need to do.

5. Picky

Picky App

Picky incorporates skincare features and lets you find the best products while viewing other people’s recommendations, stories and suggestions. You can also find the right product for your skin type, with details on ingredients (and their own safety level).

Meanwhile, you can also see products that are free from harmful ingredients, such as alcohol, parabens and fragrances, so you know whether the product is good for your skin type or not. Additionally, you can view reviews left by other users of the Picky app, so you can gauge the general effect on a particular product.

You can also earn points by completing daily check-ins, writing reviews, and more. With these points, you can enter a skincare giveaway and stand a chance to win some amazing products.

On the app’s discussion page, you can see what products the Picky community is talking about. Such as discussing skin problems, as well as tips on skin care routines. In addition, you can also make your own posts about all things related to skin care according to your experience.

So, those were some of the best skincare application recommendations to help skin care. With this application, you can treat your skin as well as possible with the products that best suit your skin type.