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5 Interesting Facts about Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer, Must Know!

This time, SPIN will provide 5 interesting facts about the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, guys. Read this article until the end, yes, to find out more information.

As we both know, the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has just been released by Marvel Entertainment. From the first trailer, it is certain that netizens will focus on Jane Foster who suddenly appears and manages to hold Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) which is famous for being very heavy and no one can lift it, except Thor himself.

In addition, there are still some interesting scenes and facts contained in the 1 minute 30 second trailer. What are you? Curious? Here SPIN provides the information for you. Check this out!

5 Interesting Facts about Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

1. Thor Retire Superhero

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Facts
Photo: Marvel Entertainment

Yep, in the trailer it can be confirmed that Thor is no longer a superhero, guys. He decided to retire as a superhero, after the terrible battle with Thanos in the film Avengers: End Game (2022).

“These hands were once used for war, now they’re just simple tools for peace,” Thor says in the short trailer.

Now, the throne that Thor has been given to the Valkyrie. He is also now leading the planet Agard and wants to make it New Asgard and make it a must-visit tourist destination for travelers.

2. Thor is trying to get back in shape

After the war against Thanos, Thor’s body shape is already erratic. Thor, who is known as a hero with a muscular body, turns into a fat superhero and is difficult to move agilely.

Realizing this, Thor tried to restore his body to its original shape by doing sports that focus on the physical development of the god of thunder.

3. Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Facts: Thor’s Relationship with the Guardians

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Facts
Photo: Marvel Entertainment

In the trailer, the Guardians group looks very familiar with Thor. In fact, Thor was involved in a hilarious scene with Star-Lord. Not to forget, Thor was also involved in an adventure with the Guardians team. However, it is not known exactly where the adventure will land.

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4. Russell Crowe as Zeus?

In the middle of the trailer, you will also be shown the character Zeus, which seems to be played by Russell Crowe. Although his face is not shown, fans believe that the character who plays Zeus is Russell Crowe, as has been previously rumored.

5. Natalie Portman Is Back!

Photo: Marvel Entertainment

At the end of the trailer, you will be surprised by the return of the character Jane Foster, played very well by Natalie Portman. This time, Jane comes in a war costume complete with a mask that adorns her beautiful face.

Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor has also summoned and raised Mjolnir which made Thor shocked and confused. It seems, the two of them will be working together again in a fierce battle guys.

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Those are some interesting facts regarding the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder which was just released by Marvel Entertainment. Take note, guys, the film, directed by Taika Waititi, will start airing in all theaters on July 8, 2022.