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5 Hero Assassin Mobile Legends Who Are Not Strong Solo Lord, Must Be Helped

Did you know that there are 5 assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who are not strong enough for a solo lord, these heroes must be helped when lord.

Generally, the average assassin hero has abilities that can make him kill a lord alone, but there are some heroes who can’t be a solo lord.

According to SPIN Esports, there are five assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who can’t be a solo lord and really need help when they want to kill a lord.

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Mobile legends strongest hero
Photo via wallpapermobilelegendhd

First there is Helcurt, surely some of you think that Helcurt can be a lord alone without the help of his colleagues. The fact is wrong.

Helcurt can’t be a solo lord, indeed he has great damage from his stack and skill 2 but his lifesteal is very slow which makes Helcurt easily killed by a lord if he forces it.


Fanny mobile legends
Photo via pinterest

Dubbed the number 1 assassin assassin, but unfortunately Fanny has a big weakness. He is not a hero who can be a solo lord because his lifesteal is very small when directed to a lord.


Hero op assassin mobile legends
Photo via EnWallpaper

Unlike the two heroes above, Gusion has a fairly large lifesteal but the main problem why he can’t be a solo lord is his small damage.

It is true that the damage from the skills is quite large, but the damage from basic attacks is usually very small.


Natalia mobile legends
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Having a special gameplay makes Natalia unable to do a solo lord, which is if you force Natalia to be easily killed by a lord.


New Selena Skin MLBB
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Lastly, there is Selena, of course you are not surprised anymore if this hero is not strong solo lord. Because the lifesteal is small and the damage is also not much to the lord.

Those are 5 assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who can’t be a solo lord, they must be helped when doing it.

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