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5 Funny Face Photo Editing Apps on Android

Funny Face Photo Editing App

Editing face photos to be funny is done by many people who want to prank their friends. Yep, our interactions with friends on social media always make us want to find something that can make them laugh.

One way to do this is to edit your friends’ photos in such a way that they look funny. Fortunately, there are now many photo editing applications that we can use. There are even photo editing applications that are specifically designed to edit facial photos to make them look funny.

Well, if you are interested in trying, this time BugisTekno has prepared a collection of funny face photo editing applications with full features and of course many choices of funny face models. Come on, let’s just see what the application is.

Recommended Face Photo Editing Applications So Funny on Android

1. PicSay

PicSay Funny Face Photo Editor

For those of you who like to make jokes or memes, the PicSay application is the right choice. This application made by Shinycore has a myriad of advanced features that contain photo editing tools to make it look unique and attractive.

You can use this PicSay application in various photo editing things, from combining photos, adding text to photos, manipulating photos and much more.

2. Face Swap

Face Swap Funny Face Photo Editor

To manipulate faces to be funny in photos, it turns out that Photoshop is not the only thing that has this function. The Face Swap application can also present a variety of features and tools that are complete and easy to use.

Through this application you can do many things in editing a person’s face, from changing the shape of the face, adding funny stickers, to various other crazy manipulation features.

3. Snapchat

SnapChat Funny Face Photo Editor

This application has been quite a hit since its inception. How not, this Snapchat application offers a variety of photo editing features, one of which is the face swap feature with friends.

However, since Snapchat is a social media, you can only use the features and effects of this app online.

4. YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun Funny Face Photo Editor

Editing photos to look cool and cool is already mainstream. It’s a different case if you use this one application. You will feel a funny and unique sensation when editing photos.

Through this application, you can change photos like a chef, guinea pig, wolf, and many other animation effects. In addition, there are also interesting stickers that can make you addicted to editing.

5. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 Funny Face Photo Editor

The next funny face photo editing application is Face Changer 2. This application is suitable for those of you who want to make your face look ugly and funny with a variety of interesting editors available.

There are various choices of nose, ear, and mouth shapes that you can adjust, thus making your photo edits look ugly and funny.

So, those were some recommended applications that you can use to edit photos to make them look funny on your Android smartphone. Good luck.