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4 Reasons Why RRQ Hoshi Always Appears Consistently in the Regular Season!

4 Reasons Why RRQ Hoshi Always Appears Consistently in the Regular Season!

RRQ Hoshi finally succeeded in becoming the first team to ensure themselves to secure tickets upper bracket in the round Playoffs MPL ID Season 9.

The reason is, the points that have now been obtained by RRQ Hoshi are no longer possible to be pursued by AURA Fire, who currently occupies the 3rd position.

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With this achievement, of course, RRQ Hoshi is a team that is consistent enough to be able to secure a ticket to upper bracket in every season.

Since MPL ID Season 9 uses the system franchise league which has been going on since season 4, the team has only failed to secure tickets once upper bracket on MPL ID Season 7.

Therefore, here are 4 reasons why RRQ Hoshi is a team that always appears consistent in the regular season round of MPL ID.

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No Major Overhaul

RRQ Clay
source: ig @teamrrq

One of the main reasons for RRQ Hoshi’s consistent performance every season is that the team rarely or never makes major changes.

If other teams often bring in many new players, RRQ Hoshi is a team that is quite confident with the composition of the existing team and only adds 1-2 new players to the team.

Smooth Regeneration

Photo via Team RRQ

One of the other reasons why RRQ Hoshi is quite consistent and rarely starts bringing in star players directly is thanks to the regeneration that has gone quite smoothly on the team.

This of course means that players who get promoted don’t need a long time to adjust to the existing team because these players usually already know each other while staying at GH.

Quickly Adapt To New Patches

Phoyo via MPL ID

The presence of a new patch every month on Mobile Legends certainly requires players to be able to learn quickly about existing adjustments.

Interestingly, RRQ Hoshi is a team that is quite fast in adapting, as evidenced by the team that always looks good when there is a patch update that occurs in Mobile Legends.

Have a Wide Hero Pool

Phoyo via MPL ID

In each season, RRQ Hoshi become a team that is quite well known as the owner pool hero who is quite broad in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

This can be seen from the roster that often uses different heroes in each match.

Of course, this is very important because with a large hero pool, the strategy that will be used is difficult for the opponent to read.

So, those are the 4 reasons why RRQ Hoshi has always been the most consistent team throughout the MPL ID version of SPIN Esports.

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