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4 Best Free Anime Watching Apps on Android

Best Anime Watching Apps

Do you like watching anime? Exactly, because in this article the admin will share recommendations for the best free anime watching applications on Android.

Actually, there are many ways we can do to enjoy anime movies, from watching via web streaming to via telegram. However, the service is quite annoying because there are a lot of annoying ads.

In fact, from the various existing ways, watching anime through the Android application is better. Apart from not having a lot of annoying ads, free anime watching apps on Android also generally provide a very complete list of anime.

However, back again from the application, because there are also quite a lot of anime watching applications and not all of them provide good service. But don’t worry, because the admin has summarized some of the best applications that you can see in the list below.

Recommended Best Anime Watching Apps on Android

1. Watch Anime

Anime Watch App

The first list of applications is Watch Anime. As the name implies, this application is specifically designed for watching anime movies. Based on the rating, this application is considered very good with total downloads that have also reached more than 1 million.

In the application, there are more than 30 thousand collections of anime films from the newest to the most popular that you can watch for free. Interestingly, because anime with episodes will also always be updated every week.

In addition, from the playback side you can also directly stream or download. There is also a video quality selection feature from the lowest to the highest that you can choose as you wish.

2. My Anime

My Anime App

Next, the second list of the best anime watching application recommendations is AnimeKu. Well, this application is no less cool, because there are also various anime films that you can watch via streaming and download.

In the application, the list of existing anime is neatly arranged with navigation to search features to make it easier for you to find the anime movie you want.

Moreover, there is also a menu where the anime is updated every day so you can easily find the latest anime updates that you want to watch. For example, like Boruto, One Piece and other interesting anime.

3. Vunime

Vunime App

The third list is an application called Vunime. This can also be an option for you anime enthusiasts, because the list of available anime is also equipped with Indonesian subtitles.

The list of available anime is also quite complete, then there are also various features that complement your viewing needs.

Starting from the download feature, history to find out the list of anime you have watched, bookmarks to the recommendation feature that will display a list of anime that is right for you to watch.

4. AnimeIndo

AnimeIndo Apps

The best recommended application on the last list in this review is AnimeIndo. Maybe for you anime fans the name of this application is of course familiar.

Yep, the name AnimeIndo originated from a web streaming service and now there is also a special Android application to make it easier for anime fans to enjoy anime on their cellphones.

Well, this application is no less good, it is proven that the total downloads have reached 1 million downloads with a pretty good rating. You can also enjoy the latest and updated cool anime through this application.

Moreover, the appearance of this application has been designed as attractive as possible so that you can enjoy the services of this application while watching your favorite anime.

Well, those were some recommendations for the best anime watching applications on Android that you can use to enjoy a variety of complete and latest anime easily and for free.