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4 Best Android YouTube Games, As If You're a YouTuber!

YouTuber Themed Android Game

Have a dream to become a famous YouTuber? If so, then you can grant it by playing the YouTuber-themed Android game which I will share below.

We all know that YouTube is a video sharing platform that is currently trending. There have been many people who have become successful by utilizing these video services. To be a successful YouTuber is certainly not easy, there is a lot to be done and practiced.

Well, all of these things you will feel through this YouTuber-themed game, of course it’s fun and will teach you the ups and downs of being a YouTuber. How curious want to try? Come on, let’s look at the list of games below.

List of Best YouTuber Themed Android Games

1. Vloggers Go Viral

Game Vlogger Go Viral

The list of the first YouTuber-themed games is Vlogger Go Viral. As the name implies, in this game you will work as a YouTuber vlogger who is trying to go viral.

Of course, achieving this is not easy, you have to do various tasks to make your YouTube channel more popular. If it starts to grow, you also need to upgrade your vlog equipment to be able to produce even more interesting content.

2. Idle Streamer

Idle Streamer Games

For this one game, you will work as a streamer. Every time you stream, you will have the opportunity to get saweran from your audience.

The more viewers you have, the more saweran you can get, especially if you manage to entertain your audience. You can also run kohtrak with streaming platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Meanwhile, this game also provides various interesting game features. You can upgrade various tools for your streaming needs, from microphones, computers, keyboards and other tools.

3. Tube Tycoon

Tube Tycoon Games

Tube Tycoon is also one of the games that carries the YouTuber theme. It’s just that, for this game you will play on a large scale. That is, you really make a team in running the YouTuber business.

In the game, you will manage various expenses and income, such as editor salaries, equipment rental costs and others. Of course it is very exciting, it’s just that this game carries graphics that are too simple and simple.

4. Idle Tuber

Idle Tube Game

Next, the YouTuber-themed game that you should also try is Idle Tuber. In this game, you will be taught how to become a successful YouTuber and feel what it’s like to be a star.

You will also play in a way as if you were creating content, editing it and then uploading it to your YouTube channel. Not only that, there is also a character customization feature that you can make as you wish.

Moreover, after you reach a high enough level, you can get characters from famous YouTubers in the world.

Well, those were some Android games that carried the best and fun YouTuber theme. Very suitable for those of you who have a dream of becoming a famous YouTuber.