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4 Best and Fastest Android VPN Applications 2022

Best Android VPN App Recommendations

Already know what a VPN is? So, the VPN application is useful for protecting the privacy of our data when accessing the internet. If you always have an interest in browsing the internet, then you must use a VPN application.

Without you knowing it, sometimes you access sites on the internet that are dangerous, meaning that they have the potential to steal data privacy for their benefit. One of the characteristics of a dangerous site is when it does not use the https prefix.

So, it would be better if you use a VPN when browsing the internet. Another function of this VPN application is that it can open sites that are blocked by the government. So, when there is a need for such a website, then using a VPN application is the solution.

Well, if you currently need a VPN application for Android, this time BugisTekno has packaged some of the best and of course able to access the internet quickly. Therefore, let’s look at the following review.

Best VPN App Recommendations for Android

1. SuperVPN

SuperVPN App

The first recommended best VPN application is SuperVPN. Now for personal admins, use the SuperVPN application when they need a VPN application to access blocked sites.

In addition to how easy it is to use, the available access speed is also quite fast. You just need to install, open the application and then press the Connect button, your network will automatically be protected and ready to freely access as you like.

Meanwhile, you can also choose networks from various country locations. Of course, each country has a different network speed, the farther the area is from Indonesia, the slower the network will be. So, prioritize choosing the closest location in Indonesia.

2. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN App

Next, the recommendation for the best VPN application that has fast access is followed by Turbo VPN. Well, when you want to stream movies or other internet activities that require a VPN with fast internet access, Turbo VPN is the right choice.

The reason is, this application provides quite a lot of server location options, ranging from America, Asia, Europe to African states. Meanwhile, this application also provides convenience, meaning there is no registration whatsoever, just download and then the application is ready for you to use.

This Turbo VPN application is also the choice of VPN for gamers to manipulate their location to play games, be it Mobile Legends, PUBG or other games. In fact, with the aim of participating in game events that are taking place in foreign countries.

3. Yoga VPN

Yoga VPN App

Need a VPN app that provides even more server locations? If so, you can try Yoga VPN. This VPN provides more than 1000 servers spread across various locations.

Then, this application also provides a Proxy Filter feature where you can determine which applications you want to connect to the VPN. For example, create Telegram, Twitter or other applications on your cellphone.

Moreover, this Yoga VPN application already provides fast, free and easy to use access. Indeed, there are also premium features, but the admin feels that the free features are sufficient to meet the needs.

4. VPN Tomato

Tomato VPN App

For those of you who like to play games and need a VPN connection for your playing needs, the VPN Tomato application can be the right choice.

The reason is, this VPN application does rely on the speed and stability of the network, because there is a ping feature so users can feel the network remains smooth when playing online games, be it PUBG, Free Fire or other games.

Meanwhile, this application also provides quite a number of servers spread in more than 30 regions. In addition, you can also rely on this application when using public Wi-Fi, so your privacy and data will remain safe and secure.

So, those were some of the recommendations for the best VPN applications for Android that have fast and stable access speeds. Please choose a VPN application that suits your needs, especially all of them are free and easy to use.