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4 Apps to Listen to Islamic Lectures on Android

Application to Listen to Islamic Lectures

One way to calm the heart and mind is to listen to Islamic lectures. As Muslims, we must always listen to sermons or lectures so that we always remember and draw closer to the Almighty.

When we go to the mosque, of course we always listen to Islamic lectures. However, it is possible even though at home we can also listen to lectures. As for that is by using an Android phone.

Currently, there are many applications that provide collections of Islamic lectures that you can listen to for free. Well, for those of you who want the application, let’s look at the following list.

Recommendations for the Best Islamic Lecture Applications on Android

1. Popular Islamic Lectures

Popular Islamic Lecture Apps

The first application recommendation is Popular Islamic Lectures. In this application you can listen to Islamic lectures from well-known clerics in Indonesia, such as Ustad Abdul Somad, Ustad Adi Hidayat, Ustad Habib Achmad Alhabsy, and many more.

This application provides lectures in mp3 format. That is, only sound without picture. Even so, this application is free and the great thing is that you can listen offline or without internet quota.

2. Islamic Lectures

Islamic Lecture Application

Furthermore, the application recommendation to listen to the second choice of lectures is called Islamic Lectures. This application also provides a collection of lectures from various well-known clerics in Indonesia.

Through this application, you can find Islamic lectures from various categories of life. Meanwhile, you can also filter the collection of lectures based on the newest to the most favorite.

In addition, there is also a rating feature, so you can know which lectures are good and many people like.


Net Study Application

The recommended application for listening to lectures via Android is the next best choice, namely This application is also not inferior to the two previous applications, you can also listen to various lectures from well-known clerics.

The lecture topics presented are also quite complete and interesting, so there are quite a lot of choices for those of you who want to listen to the lectures as you wish.

Moreover, this application is free and has been downloaded by more than 10 thousand users and has a high rating of 4.9.

4. HijrahApp


If you want an application that provides more complete features, HijrahApp can be an option. In addition to listening to lectures, this application also provides various features to complement the needs of worship.

Starting from reading the Qur’an, prayer times, prayers of practice, study videos to educational games. Of course, it is very good to fill your spare time as well as enrich yourself with practice for provisions in the future.

Well, maybe that was the list of recommended applications for listening to lectures via the Android version of BugisTekno. Hopefully it is useful and if you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media so that it can be useful for many people.