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3 Weakest Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)

There are at least 3 weakest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) out of a total of more than 10 types of marksman heroes in this moba game.

Generally marksman-type heroes are made by Moonton with enormous damage when in the late game, there are even some heroes who have been very strong since the early game.

But this time we will not talk about who are the strongest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends? But we will talk about the weakest marksman hero.

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According to SPIN Esports, there are 3 weakest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, don’t expect to be able to rank up quickly if you use one of these three heroes!


Mobile legends strongest Lesley
Photo via ZEDGE

Even though he has great damage in the late game, in our opinion, Lesley is the weakest marksman hero. The damage is less painful in the early game plus this hero is very easy to counter and defeat.


Hero marksman mobile legends
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Then there’s Layla, just like Lesley. Layla also has great damage in the late game only. In addition, his slow mobility makes Layla very easy to defeat.

So when you lose in the early game, then Layla won’t be able to do anything, she can’t carry the team that lost in the early game.


Hanabi op mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

The last one is definitely Hanabi, this hero really has to be full of items so that his abilities can be used. In the early to mid game Hanabi is really less useful.

No damage, poor mobility and so on make Hanabi easy to beat.

Those are the three weakest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends according to SPIN Esports.

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