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3 Variants of Doctor Strange that will reportedly appear in Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange Variant
Photo: Murphy’s Multiverse

The following 3 variants of Doctor Strange will most likely appear in the movie Doctor Strange 2. Because these three variants have been shown by Marvel Studios through their newly released trailers and posters.

In addition to featuring many villains, the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will also reportedly bring several Doctor Strange variants that have never been seen on the big screen.

All of these variants have their respective duties and strengths. In fact, there is one variant that has evil properties so it deserves to be called a villain.

Most likely these 3 Doctor Strange variants will be present in Doctor Strange 2

1. Sinister Strange

Doctor Strange Variant
Photo: Flipboard

Sinister Strange or also known as Strange Supreme is a variant that has an evil nature. This character was seen in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer and had a conversation with Stephen Strange.

When viewed from its true nature, it is very likely that this one character will mess with the intentions of Stephen Strange who wants to fix the multiverse gate that he accidentally opened.

2. Doctor Strange Variant: Defender Strange

Photo: Fiction Horizon

Defender Strange has a more dapper look, thanks to his sleek hair and simpler and more elegant attire. The presence of the Defender Strange figure was revealed after an action figure was sold freely with the description, “Doctor Strange is the most popular magician who protects the earth, protecting our dimension from various supernatural threats that come from the multiverse.”

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However, it is not yet clear whether Defender Strange has good or evil traits. From several theories that SPIN has collected, it seems that this character will lead us to follow the future of the MCU that is right in front of our eyes.

3. Zombie Strange

Doctor Strange Variant
Photo: We Got This Covered

Lastly, there is Zombie Strange whose appearance you can see in the latest trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Previously, Zombie Strange was also present in the What If…? series. In the series, it is told that Stephen and Wong were hit by an epidemic called the Quantum Virus, so that he turned into a scary zombie.

As the name implies, this variant has a pale facial appearance with several cuts on its face. He also has several hands which makes him look very superior.

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That’s it guys, 3 variants of Doctor Strange that will be present in the movie Doctor Strange 2. With the presence of this variant, making movie geeks even more impatient to see the action of the wizard in the face of chaos in his universe.

Take note, guys, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will start showing in Indonesian cinemas on May 4, 2022.