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3 Tips on How to Clean Your Phone Case Properly

Tips for Cleaning Phone Cases

When the cellphone that we use has been around for a long time, usually the casing has started to look dirty. Of course, there are various causes of cell phone cases getting dirty, in general, such as dust, food scraps, and so on.

Because sometimes, every user, whether eating, cooking, or other things, is also playing with their cellphones. In fact, leaving the Android phone case dirty for a long time can make the dirt difficult to clean.

Well, if this has already happened in your cellphone case, there are some tips and ways you can apply to clean the dirt so that your cellphone looks like new again. Come on, let’s look at the following some tips.

Tips for Cleaning Phone Cases properly and correctly

1. Using Cleaning Liquid

The first effective tip for cleaning a cell phone case is to use a cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid I mean is liquid laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent such as Sunlight.

That’s because the content contained in the cleaning fluid is very effective at removing dirt that sticks to the HP casing. So, the way you can use a soft cloth and then dip it in detergent water, then wipe it evenly. Finally, don’t forget after that you also wipe it again with a dry cloth.

2. Using Eucalyptus Oil

In addition to cleaning fluid, eucalyptus oil can also be an easy alternative to cleaning your cellphone case.

I often do this method to clean cellphone components, both on the casing and the screen. But you need to remember that only use a few drops, not too much because it doesn’t get into the inner components of the cellphone. So, just use it properly.

3. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is usually used for cooking purposes, but apparently this object can also be used to clean the cellphone case until it is as clean as when it was just purchased. The method is quite easy, you just need to mix baking soda with enough warm water, then dip a clean cloth and then wipe your phone dry.

With some of the ways above, you can keep and take care of the cleanliness of your cellphone, this method not only keeps the appearance of the cellphone shiny, but also avoids dust so that it doesn’t get into cellphone components that are difficult to clean.