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3 Reasons Why Akai Can Now Become a Jungler in Mobile Legends!

3 Reasons Why Akai Can Now Become a Jungler in Mobile Legends!

Maybe you already know that Akai gets a revamp in the latest patch. It’s not only good for its performance, it’s changing its role now.

That’s right, now Akai can also become a jungler like several other tanks such as Baxia, Johnson, and Hylos.

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You may be thinking hard why Akai can now be a jungler. Instead of being confused, here are 3 reasons why Akai can now be a jungler in Mobile Legends.

Big Damage

source: Mobile Legends

First the damage, maybe skill 1 is nerfed so the damage is reduced a little. But for passive it will be even greater because there is additional damage to the opponent who is hit by the mark.

Now all of Akai’s skills are marked so that you already know how much damage Akai is dealing with now.

Fast Jungling

source: Mobile Legends

With these changes, Akai will easily jungling so that he can quickly become and become stronger. You can use several Attack items now combined with several defense items so that the damage skill 2 is also large.

Easy Rotation

Akai Jungler
source: Mobile Legends

Ultimate skill combo and skill 1 make it easy to rotate. It even makes it easier for him to become an initiator like many Tank jungler heroes today. Various combos can be done by Akai now because his mobility has increased.

For gameplay, you can watch the video that SPIN Esports provides below.

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