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3 of the Most Terrible Angela Combo Heroes in Mobile Legends

You should know that here are 3 of the most terrible Angela combo heroes in Mobile Legends, perfect for those of you whose gameplay is barbaric and often lazy together.

Angela is one of the most effective combo heroes for players who have barbaric gameplay. Because Angela’s abilities really help the barbarian gameplay.

Regarding that, according to SPIN Esports, there are 3 most terrible Angela combo heroes in Mobile Legends.

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Hero Assassin op mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Access

First, of course, is Ling with Angela, this combo is very commonly used by players and is very effective.

Angela can give Ling blood and a high shield when she has to attack the back of an opponent who has their hero core and midlaner. So that Ling’s ability will increase drastically.

Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends

Then there is Yi Sun Shin, because Yi Sun Shin’s gameplay must be barbaric to attack opponents from a distance and close using his passive, therefore he needs Angela to help him.

Angela will provide a high shield accompanied by a high movement speed so that Yss can bring out her maximum ability.


Hero Assassin op mobile legends
Photo via IG Hensen FM

The last thing that is the most terrible in a combo with Angela is Roger. Roger’s very barbaric gameplay will be greatly assisted by Angela.

The ability to kill Roger will greatly increase its effectiveness level if it is in a combo with Angela.

That’s the most effective and terrible Angela Mobile Legends combo hero in our opinion.

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