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3 MLBB Heroes That Can Only Use Ulti Under Certain Conditions

Did you know that these three MLBB heroes can only use their ultimate when under certain conditions, who are the three heroes?

Not all heroes in Mobile Legends have skills that are so free, free in the sense that they can be used anytime they want.

In fact, there are some Mobile Legends heroes who can only use skill 3 or their ultimate skill under certain conditions.

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And here are the 3 Mobile Legends heroes who can only use their 3 skills when under certain conditions.


gold lane mobile legends

You could say that activating Wanwan’s 3 skills is difficult to do because you have to hit all of her weaknesses.

And an opponent who understands how Wanwan’s 3rd skill works can’t just give Wanwan a chance to activate this skill.


Minotaur Mobile Legends
Photo via wallpapercave

Unlike Wanwan, to activate the 3 Minotaur skill is quite easy. You only need to fill the rage to the brim by inflicting damage to the opponent using skill 1 or long pressing skill 3 Minotaur.

If the rage is full then you can activate the ultimate Minotaur skill.


Hero exp lane op mobile legends

Finally, there is Phoveus, for this one hero it is very easy to activate his ultimate skill but on the condition that there must be a blink or dash hero on the opposing team.

The hero with the dash or blink skill must use his skill in front of Phoveus and at that time Phoveus’ 3 skill can be activated.

Those are 3 Mobile Legends heroes who can only use their ultimate skills only under certain conditions, actually there are still many but only those who in our opinion really need attention.

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