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3 Hero Marksman OP Mobile Legends Easy to Play, For Beginners

You have to know that here are 3 hero marksman OP Mobile Legends the easiest to play and very suitable for beginners.

All marksman heroes in Mobile Legends very OP and have their own abilities. There are some of them that are difficult to play and some of them that are easy to play.

Regarding that, SPIN Esports will provide a list of 3 marksman heroes Mobile Legends the most OP and easy to play, suitable for even beginners.

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Hero steals lord mobile legends
Photo via Im4j1ner

Having extraordinary damage since the early game makes Layla the first hero that we highly recommend. You only need to adjust the position when attacking using this hero.

Because if the position is right, all you have to do is damage the opponent and Layla’s damage is really very painful.


Mobile legends strongest Lesley
Photo via ZEDGE

Then there is Lesley, playing Lesley the main thing is to rely on his passive and only skill 1. Those two things make Lesley’s ability to be maximal.

While skills 2 and 3 are only as a complement to attack or defend.


Mobile legends strongest marksman hero

Finally, there is Granger, you only need to direct all of his skills when attacking, it is guaranteed that Granger will be terrible.

Not to mention specifically for this hero, it is very suitable to be played as a jungler.

Those are the 3 most op-ed marksman heroes but easy to master even for novice players, though, is there anything you want to add?

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