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3 Hero Fighters in Mobile Legends that depend heavily on Ultimate

Did you know that there are 3 fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who really depend on their ultimate skills according to SPIN Esports, anyone?

There are several fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who have terrible abilities, but they have a weakness, which is that they only depend on certain skills.

Like these three Mobile Legends heroes, who rely heavily on skill 3 only, without skill 3 they are just ordinary fighter heroes who can easily be defeated by anyone.

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Who are the three fighter heroes? Check out the review of the SPIN Esports version.


Yin mobile legends

First there is Yin, who has a very unique ultimate skill where Yin can make certain opponents enter another dimension and duel with him.

Making him rely heavily on his 3rd skill. Because when the opponent is hit by skill 3, Yin’s ability will increase drastically and it’s easy for him to win the duel.

But without his 3rd skill, Yin is quite easily defeated by anyone.


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Then there is Leomord, for this one hero really really relies on his 3rd skill to attack. Without skill 3, Leomord can’t do anything.

Skills 1 and 2 in normal mode are quite bad for team fights or duels, much different when Leomord activates skill 3.


Argus Star Wars Skin MLBB

Finally, there is Argus, this one hero really relies heavily on skill 3 which can make Argus invulnerable for a few seconds.

But unfortunately Argus’s 3rd skill has a long cooldown so that when Argus is without skill 3, he’s easy to beat.

Those are the three fighter heroes in Mobile Legends that really depend on their ultimate skill or skill 3 according to SPIN Esports.

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