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3 Hero Counter Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML) The Most Powerful 90%

You should know that here are 3 recommended heroes who are very effective at countering Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML) 90%, note guys.

Cecilion is one of the most popular hero mages in Mobile Legends today. He is often a bone of contention for players and is also a subscription to tires by the players.

His abilities are really very reliable, especially in the late game when the stack is already a lot, Cecilion can kill anyone quickly.

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Regarding this, here are 3 of Cecilion’s most powerful 90% hero counters, why 90%? Because 10% depends on your gameplay.


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Fanny is the most effective hero counter Cecilion. His movement was so fast it could kill Cecilion in seconds.

Even because of his fast movement, Cecilion couldn’t attack Fanny back.


Hero auto win mobile legends
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Having very good mobility makes Paquito very easy to kill Cecilion. Keep in mind that any hero who has fast mobility and has good melee attacks will make it difficult for Cecilion.

Therefore Paquito is the best Cecilion counter that you can try.


Hero Assassin op mobile legends
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The last one is Kadita, different from the two heroes above. Countering Cecilion when using Kadita must be careful and patient.

Because Kadita relies heavily on her combo skills which requires her to approach Cecilion. So when you use Kadita, you hide a lot on the grass and suddenly attack Cecilion.

Those are the 3 most powerful Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML) counter heroes that you can try right away.

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