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3 Hero Assassin OP Mobile Legends (ML) That Are Not Suitable To Be Hyper

Did you know that the three assassin heroes of OP Mobile Legends are not suitable to be hyper, if you force what is there, it will become a burden on the team.

Maybe all of you think that all assassin heroes in Mobile Legends can all be hyper or played as junglers.

But the fact is that this is wrong, there are several assassin heroes that are forbidden to be played as hyper or junglers, who are those heroes?

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Natalia mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Just relying on skill after skill plus skill 3 is less influential and can only lock 1 hero makes Natalia very forbidden to be played as a hyper.

It’s much better to play Natalia as a roamer or goldlaner with far more functional abilities.


Selena mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Access

Although you can, but in fact playing Selena hyper is very difficult and really requires high skills.

Selena is a hero who is only strong in the early game plus she relies heavily on skill 2 (catfish).


Hero counter kadita

Never even try to play Kadita hyper, because this hero is really not suitable to be hyper even though his status as a role assassin/mage.

Why? Because Kadita only relies on her combo skills when attacking, but unfortunately her combo skills are easy to avoid. Not to mention Kadita has a very weak basic attack.

Those are the three assassin heroes OP Mobile Legends that are not suitable as hyper.

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