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2D Vikings Game "Niffelheim" Launches for Mobile Devices

Ellada Games has finally released the title of Niffelheim’s Viking simulation on Android and iOS platforms. The game originally launched for Steam, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Ellada Games is an independent game development studio started by a group of friends in 2022. In 2022, the studio launched Niffelheim in early access for PC while official releases were made in 2022 on Steam and GOG and on PS4 and Xbox One in 2022.

Niffelheim is a 2D survival game set in the mystical worlds of Niffelheim and Valhalla from Norse mythology. According to Norse mythology, worthy souls would be transported to Valhalla to enjoy a great feast with the mighty Odin. But the protagonist’s soul is trapped in Niffelheim instead of the Allfather’s abode and now he must find his way to Valhalla.

Players must prove themselves to the Gods by defending themselves and unraveling the mysteries of the land. On their journey to Valhalla Asgard, players will fight fallen enemies using bones, teeth and feathers as weapons.

Building forts will help players to gain protection from enemies and destroy attackers. There will be a Death Priest who will give an ultimatum. The portal to Asgard is guarded by mighty giants, the undead, and deadly spiders. Players can brew different types of mushrooms to make them stronger and cook dishes for friends. Also, some poison can be brewed to kill the most powerful enemies. On reaching the heart of the world, players will find artifacts that will help them win the final battle.

Niffelheim provides players with great visuals, stunning graphics and a chill Scandinavian setting. A proper adventure survival game with mysterious background with easy to play controls and fun gameplay.

The game has launched on the App Store this May for iOS users. And finally, the game has arrived on the Google Play Store for Android users. However, this game is not a free game, this game is priced at IDR 70 thousand. Players can purchase this game through the App Store and Google Play Store.