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10 Facts About Mobile Legends That You May Not Know

Since its release, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has become a favorite game among the MOBA gaming community. With millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and counting, Mobile Legends has proven the game to be one of the most popular mobile games to date. Apart from the solid 5v5 gameplay, there are also many different aspects of the game that many players may not be aware of. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the 10 Best Mobile Legends Facts that you may not know.

1. Heroes who are brothers to each other

facts about mobile legends

Believe it or not, currently there are heroes in the game who actually have a close relationship with each other, who are brothers. the heroes are:

  • Harley & Lesley
  • Selena & Karina
  • Lancelot & Guinevere
  • Zilong & Chang’e
  • Dyrroth & Silvanna
  • Alucard & Harith (Harith is Alucard’s adoptive brother)
  • Argus & Rafaela (twins)
  • Valir & Vale
  • Alpha & Saber
  • Aamon & Gusion
  • Tigreal & Fanny

Some of these sibling relationships are evident by the special voice lines in the game for these heroes. In addition, when Harley and Lesley are on the same team, they receive a special buff of +10 HP.

2. Hero who is in a romantic relationship

facts about mobile legends

Regarding lore, Mobile Legends never misses out. In the game, there are actually heroes who are currently in a romantic relationship with each other. These heroes are:

  • Carmilla & Cecilion
  • Lancelot & Odette
  • Lesley & Gusion
  • Freya & Franco
  • Esmeralda & Khufra

Some of these pairs also have in-game couple skins for the two of them, such as:

  • Carmilla & Cecilion (Valentine skin 2022)
  • Lancelot & Odette (2022 Christmas skin)
  • Lesley & Gusion (Valentine’s skin 2022)
  • Esmeralda & Khufra (Valentine’s skin 2022)

Likewise, the romantic relationships of some of these heroes can also be seen in their voice lines. In addition, when Carmilla and Cecilion are on the same team, Cecilion can summon Carmilla to her if she is nearby and make unique moves.

3. Pharsa Bird – Verri is Her Husband

facts about mobile legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players may notice that whenever Pharsa is used in the game, a white bird seems to constantly follow him, by his side. This bird, with the name Verri, flies with Pharsa throughout her battles.

However, many real players don’t know the background behind Pharsa and her bird friend, Verri. Verri is actually her husband, yes you read correctly, it is her husband. According to the story in the game, Alice had ruined their wedding ceremony and blinded Pharsa. Her husband, who at that time was the love of her life, could not bear to see her suffer lifelong blindness, and because of that, transformed into a bird that was permanently connected to Pharsa, allowing her to see through her eyes.

4. Mobile Legends will be a sport at The 2022 Southeast Asian Games

Held from 5 to 8 December 2022 in Metro Manila, Philippines, the 2022 Southeast Asian Games or better known as the SEA Games, featuring the Esports category consisting of various games including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, Dota 2, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Tekken 7 .

The 2022 SEA Games is the first of its kind where Esports is featured as a medal event in an International Olympic Committee-approved multi-sport event. A total of nine teams, each representing their country, participated in the Mobile Legends event. After fierce competition in the best-of-5 format, the Sibol Team representing the Philippines finally won over Team Indonesia in the gold medal match, with a score of 3-2. Likewise at the 2022 SEA Games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will again be a medal event.

5. Mobile Legends hosts a World Championship every year

Mobile Legends hosts various official tournaments every year. From Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Competition (MSC) to local leagues like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL).

However, Mobile Legends actually hosts their own World Championship every year, known as the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, with the first, dubbed as M1, being held in Malaysia in November 2022. Following the success of M2 being held in Singapore in January 2022, The World Championship will return once again for the third time in December 2022, known as the M3.

6. Game Spin-off – Mobile Legends: Adventure

mobile legends: adventure

Following the success of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, developer Moonton has released the successor game Mobile Legends. Set in the same universe as Mobile Legends, players will enter a fantasy world known as the Land of Dawn, where they will be able to use their unique strategies to face various battles and challenge players from all over the world.

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and holder of Google Play’s Best Casual Game of the Year, Mobile Legends: Adventure has established itself as one of the favorites among Mobile Legends players who want to try something new for a change, while still being in nature. the same epic universe of Mobile Legends.

7. Mobile Legends was sued by Tencent on behalf of Riot Games

Another fact that many players don’t know is Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, was sued by Tencent on behalf of Riot Games in July 2022.

After the initial release of Mobile Legends on 14 July 2022, Riot Games suspected that it was imitating the intellectual property of their own League of Legends game and therefore contacted Google to remove the game from the Google Play Store. However, Moonton removed the game before Google could do so before finally re-release it under the name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on November 9, 2022.

In July 2022, Riot Games then filed a lawsuit against Moonton for copyright infringement, the case was brought to the Central District Court of California in the United States but was rejected.

Tencent, Riot Games’ parent company, on behalf of Riot Games, filed a new separate lawsuit that directly targets Moonton CEO Watson Xu Zhenhua, who was previously a senior employee of Tencent. The lawsuit was filed in the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court, for violating the Non-Competing Agreement. The court finally won Tencent in July 2022, giving Tencent a $2.9 million settlement.

8. Indonesia currently holds the record for the most players

Excluding China, where Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently unavailable, the game is currently the most popular MOBA mobile game in Asia, especially from Southeast Asia.

With nearly 80 million monthly players in 2022, there’s no doubt that Mobile Legends has proven itself to be a hit among the mobile gaming community. However, according to Esportsku, this game is very popular in Indonesia, which currently holds the record for the most game players. In addition, Indonesian gamers can be said to be the best too, with Top Global Leaders in the game dominated by many Indonesian players.

9. Mobile Legends has its own animated series

On August 6, 2022, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang through their official social media page, announced their first official animated series, named Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone. The series “will bring our beloved heroes to life as they venture through the Imperial Capital in search of the Holy Stone” and “takes fans of the franchise on a lighthearted, comedic journey filled with refreshing visuals.”

Released later this year in Fall 2022, the animated series will premiere on China-based internet and technology company Tencent’s video streaming website WeTV. The premiere will also take place on the Malaysian television network TV9, Indonesia NET. The animated series will also be broadcast on Philippine commercial broadcast network and syndication, program distributor, and production company, ABS-CBN.

10. Mobile Legends has its own band

Last but not least, to top everything off our list, did you know that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang actually has its own band? Known as STUN, it was recently released as part of Moonton’s global virtual campaign, 515 E-party, for the game. The release was also accompanied by a music video featuring Selena, Brody, and Chou entitled “Together”. Released on May 8, 2022, the music video garnered 15 million views within just a week of its release.

Limited-time skins for Selena, Brody, and Chou are also available in the game, coming with special effects for their skills and attacks, as well as a unique voice line.

Those are 10 facts about Mobile Legends that you may not know. If you know any other facts about Moble Legends, write your comments below.