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Xiaomi Mi 11 Comes Without a Charger, Reportedly Similar to Iphone 12

First Xiaomi Mi 11 Android Without Charger – Xiaomi recently announced the release of its newest Xiaomi Mi series, namely the Xiaomi Mi 11 on Monday (28/12/2022).

At the time of the release, Xiaomi also clearly informed the price and specifications of the Mi 11. The Xiaomi Mi 11 is powered by the Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip (SoC).

Xiaomi Mi 11 is arguably the first smartphone in the world to use Snapdragon 888.

And later it will also make users very comfortable using it because it is the highest chipset currently available.

Apart from the chipset, the Xiaomi Mi 11 comes in a new design that is thinner, lighter and more stylish than its predecessor.

In addition, the Mi 11 is slimmer and lighter, with a thickness of 8.06 mm and a weight of 196 grams. and Mi 11 will be one of the thinnest cellphones in terms of design.

In addition, the screen also supports the highest brightness level reaching 1500 nits. Touch sampling is rumored to be the highest among other smartphones in the world.

In terms of cameras, the camera configuration has a resolution of 108 MP Mi 11 and has a circular camera module design. And very different from its predecessor which is vertical.

And the most surprising thing is that Xiaomi will not include a charger in the box for selling the flagship Mi 11 phone, which will make it similar to the recently released iPhone 12 without a charger.

The reason for Xiaomi’s decision to sell cellphones without chargers is that Xiaomi has intentionally removed accessories to reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

The same reason from Apple which announced removing the charger from the sales box. Although it is not accompanied by a charger, Xiaomi also does not intend to reduce the price of the cellphone itself.

Then the buyer will be “required” to buy a separate charger device with a packaging box.

Obtained from the media The price of the Mi 11 Mi 11 8 GB/128 GB variant is priced at 3,999 Yuan (around Rp. 8.6 million) and the 8GB/256GB version for 4,299 yuan or around Rp. 9.3 million

Conclusion :

That’s a glimpse of the news Xiaomi Mi 11 Flagship Comes Without Charger. The conclusion of the Mi 11 according to Nakblogz, namely, despite the shortcomings without a charger in the smartphone packaging box.

However, there is a positive side, namely that the packaging box has become thinner and lighter and as Xiaomi said it reduces environmental pollution.

And later for the Mi 11 charger will be sold separately, it will compete with the iPhone 12 which implements a system without a charger. Well that’s all Xiaomi Mi 11 specifications, the first android without a charger. Hope it is useful.