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Tips for Saving Internet Data Quota on Android

Tips for Saving Internet Data Quota on Android – Nak Blogz

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Tips for Saving Internet Data Quota on Android – On this occasion I will share info about tips for saving internet data quota on Android. Previously, the Internet has become a basic human need today.

How come? Today’s people, if they can’t use the internet for one day, they can be stressful. But when we continue to use Android phones to play internet, our quota will definitely decrease. The reduced internet quota can be caused by several factors, one of which is that we are too wasteful to use it for internet.

If the internet data quota is used continuously, it will decrease and cause us to buy internet packages again, this will cause us to waste money just for surfing the internet. If we surf for business, it doesn’t matter, but if we stream videos continuously it will make us cool or not. I have money because I keep buying internet packages.

But this time I will share tips for saving internet data quota on your android, look carefully, friend, so that your android doesn’t waste quota anymore. The following are tips for saving internet data quota on android:

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1. Limit Data Usage And Enable Alerts

The first tip is to limit data usage and activate data alerts if you have reached the limit you set. These tips are very powerful and will let us know how much data we use.

And also when we have reached the data usage limit that you have set, there will be a data usage warning and it will make us more efficient in using internet data. How to activate Limit data usage and activate this data warning is quite easy, namely by: Go to Settings >> Data Usage >> Set Cellular Data Limit.

These tips are very powerful for saving internet data on your android phone. If you haven’t practiced these tips, please activate them now to save your data and money.

2. Set Play Store So It Doesn’t Auto Update

The second tip to save internet data is to set the Google play store so that it doesn’t auto update applications. If you don’t set it, then when there is an application update installed, it will automatically update itself.

This will cause your internet quota to continue to decrease. These tips will work if you use the Google Play Store application. To set so that the application does not update automatically is by:

Go to Google Play Store >> Settings >> General >> Don’t Automatically Update Apps. By using these tips, your internet quota will save and not be wasteful anymore.

3. Enable Data Saver In Chrome

The next tip to save internet data quota is to activate the data saver in chrome. If you are browsing using Chrome, you are a lucky person because in Chrome you can set the settings to save data while browsing.

This method will save your internet data quota if you frequently browse using the Google Chrome application. How to activate it is quite easy, namely by: Go to chrome app >> Settings >> Advanced >> Data Saver >> Enable.

After you finish activating the data saver mode, it will automatically if you use chrome for browsing it will save your internet data quota. How easy is it? just try it, bro!.

4. Disable sync

The next tip is to disable synchronization. Previously, synchronization was in the form of notifications or online notifications, synchronization itself, when activated, would eat up your internet data quota.

So I myself suggest turning it off if you want to save quota, but if there is an important email there will be no notification, this is a weakness if you don’t activate synchronization. But if you deactivate it, it will save internet data quota on your android.

So if you want to save internet data quota, follow the steps to disable synchronization by: Settings >> Accounts >> Select the account you don’t want to sync.

The second way is: Pull the Hp screen from top to bottom >> Click Sync >> And Disable. How easy is it to save internet data quota?

5. Reduce Video Streaming Quality

If you use the Youtube application to stream videos, it’s a good idea to reduce the video quality. If you don’t, you reduce the quality of the video, this will automatically cause your quota to be very wasteful, especially if you watch a lot of YouTube videos.

By reducing the quality of this video streaming, the internet data quota will be more powerful than before reducing the quality of streaming video. How to reduce it is quite easy, namely by: Go to the Youtube application >> Select the video to play >> and select the quality.

Second Way : Youtube >> Settings >> General >> Limit Mobile data usage. that way if you often watch videos on youtube, your internet data quota will be efficient and not too wasteful.

6. Identify Apps that Drain A Lot of Data

The next tip to save internet data quota is to identify applications that drain a lot of data. This method is also very good for saving internet data quota so it is not wasteful. The method is quite easy, namely by: Settings >> Data Usage. The solution is that you can uninstall applications that take up a lot of internet quota. By uninstalling the application, your internet data quota will be more efficient because there are no applications that drastically suck up the quota anymore.

7. Use Wifi

If your internet data quota is wasteful and running low, you can switch and use wifi. By using wifi, there is no more billing for internet data quota. Streaming is smooth and if you use wifi, you don’t need to buy an internet package. You can get Wifi, buddy, by: If you have 2 cellphones and the other cellphone has a lot of quota, you can use that cellphone for a hotspot. And the second Wifi, you can buy a small wifi so you can take it everywhere. Then you can rent Wifi for your needs. So if you don’t want to waste your internet data quota, you can try switching to using wifi.

So, those are some tips for saving internet data quota on Android. Actually saving android data, the point is that we rarely surf the internet, it will make our quota save,

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