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The newest Telkomsel Free Internet for Life 2022

How To Free Internet Telkomsel Forever – Telkomsel is a network provider that is in great demand by many people. how not a stable signal and also the widest network in remote villages even Telkomsel cards still get a good signal.

However, because the signal is stable and wide, the price of Telkomsel internet packages is also quite expensive.

However, for those of you who want to get the Telkomsel 2022 free internet code, this time we will unpack the 2022 Telkomsel free quota code, which will certainly help you enjoy free Tsel 2022 internet.

Because the Telkomsel provider has advantages compared to other providers, that is, it spreads to remote villages, therefore this is what makes Telkomsel’s package prices expensive.

Usually this widest internet network company also provides Telkomsel secret codes or free internet codes to customers as a bonus.

Free internet ? who doesn’t like to hear free internet, yes, you can get free Telkomsel internet without using additional VPN applications or third-party applications.

Then how to get free internet Telkomsel 2022? The method is quite simple, that is, just use the Tsel free internet secret code which we will discuss in this article.

It should be remembered that not everyone can access the internet for free, or in other words, there must be a match between the card used and Telkomsel subscribers.

This happens because by using the free internet we do not have quotas and pulses or empty cards.

If you want to get Telkomsel free internet on your cellphone without credit and quota, this time we will help you to find the following Telkomsel free internet secret code.

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How to Free Internet Telkomsel Forever

There are several ways to get free internet using a Telkomsel provider (Kartu Halo, As, Simpati and LOOP).

To get free Telkomsel internet, we have recommendations for 3 ways to get free Tsel 2022 internet, which are as follows.

How to Free Telkomsel Internet With Applications

As we know getting free internet is not easy because there must be an effort to be made.

One of them uses the Psiphon Pro application. This free internet vpn application is indeed widely used by many people because using it is very easy.

Here’s Telkomsel’s free internet with psiphon pro.

  • First you download the Psiphon Pro application on the play store
  • Then open the application, and don’t run it but you need settings
  • Host address : and also por : 8550

Then when finished click “Start” and wait for the Psiphon application to connect to the internet.

Telkomsel Free Quota Code 2022

Get free Telkomsel internet by using a secret code, namely by using a dial up code which will later activate your free internet package.

The following is the code for Telkomsel’s 2022 free quota.

Latest Telkomsel free quota dial code

*363*50# : Free Telkomsel 1 GB quota

*363*65# : Get a free Telkomsel quota for 3 months of 3 GB

*363*88# : Free calls, SMS, and 500 MB internet quota

*363*95# : Free Telkomsel quota of 2 GB.

*168# : Telkomsel’s cheap quota

That’s how to get free internet forever in 2022. For those of you who want to get a free quota without an application, maybe you can use dial up to get a free quota. Hope it is useful.

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