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The Location of Divine Bridle Genshin Impact with Pictures

Genshin Impact players will receive a Divine Bridle by completing Hyperion's Dirge quest in Genshin Impact. The divine bridle is used in the Syrtos Phaethons quest "Place the divine bridle in the water". 

However, the quest did not grant Divine Bridle. Instead, you must complete Hyperion's Dirge. The quest requires you to complete The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent and its prerequisites. Syrtos Phaethon's doesn't have that requirement, so you have to go ahead and complete the quest.

This article will cover Hyperion's Dirge, as you will get the Divine Bridle after completing it.

Divine Bridle Genshin Impact Location

Hyperion's Dirge requires a small puzzle before you can access it. First, you need to teleport to the central Teleport Waypoint in Dainichi Mikoshi.

The starting location for this quest is under the Teleport Waypoint. Go west and jump. After that, turn around 180 degrees to see the two Ruin Guards.

Destroy them and use the Pyro character to light two torches near the wall. A path will open. Go inside and talk to Aberaku.

After speaking with him for a while, you are asked to make three offerings:

  • Offerings of the Temple
  • Narrows
  • Serpent’s Heart

All three will involve a 30 to 60-second battle trial. Prepare your best team. Inexperienced players might be able to lower the World Level to make it easier.

Offerings of the Temple

Important to note, you need to get several Key Sigils of each type for this quest. There are five types of Key Sigils in total. Different locations will use different Key Sigils.

After going to this location, you have to put some Sigil Keys into the nearest rock. If so, talk to Aberaku.

You need to defeat two Rockford Rifthound Whelps and one Rockford Rifthound in 60 seconds. After doing so, open the nearest chest and talk to Aberaku.

Offerings of the Narrows

Travelers should head to this location and place more Sigil Keys into nearby rocks. After that, talk to Aberaku one more time to be assigned to fight more enemies with a timer.

This time, engaged three Primordial Bathysmal Vishap Hatchlings in less than 30 seconds. Defeat the enemy and talk to Aberaku once more. Collect loot from nearby treasure chests too.

Offerings of the Serpent’s Heart

Now head to The Serpent's Heart location shown above. Place the required Sigil Key there and talk to Aberaku.

Later, you have to defeat the trio of Electro, Hydro, and Pyro Abyss Magicians in 60 seconds. After the fall, talk to Aberaku and open the chest. After that, you can collect Divine Bridle.

Complete Hyperion's Dirge to collect the Divine Bridle

To get the Divine Bridle, you need to return to the starting location of Hyperion's Dirge. Place the three offerings onto their respective pedestals to view a short cutscene.

Now head to the Blue Phase Gate that appears here. It may take a while until you reach your goal.

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