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The Best Way to Know Your Phone Supports 4G

How to know your cellphone supports 4G – The Internet network is currently growing very rapidly, from 2G, 3G, and even recently there has been a 4G internet network. This 4G internet network has advantages or advantages compared to other networks, because 4G-based networks are certainly faster to use for internet and the network will be stable and also not buffering. But you need to make sure whether your cellphone is 4G or not. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss about How to find out the cellphone supports 4G.

How to find out HP Support 4G

Actually, to find out if your Android phone supports 4G or not, it’s actually very easy. but you may not notice it to pay attention to android phone supports 4g or not. Well, before discussing how to know your cellphone is 4G, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your cellphone first whether it’s 4G or not. good to know HP supports 4G we will explain below.

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How to see HP Support 4G

To find out whether your cellphone is 4G or not, please take a good look at the tutorial that we will provide.

1. Pay attention to the HP brand that you want to choose or we have used. HP brands for now are very diverse and very numerous, therefore not all Android phones support 4G internet networks. So, before choosing an Android cellphone, you must pay attention to the brand and model of the cellphone that you are going to buy. or you can see the specifications of the android cellphone first before buying your dream android cellphone. to see the specifications of our android cellphones, we can search on Google to find out the full specifications of android cellphones that support 4G or not. I happen to be here using a SAMSUNG cellphone for that I check 4G Samsung cellphone by choosing a brand.

2. Open the android settings then you select the cellular network, and there will be a choice of 4G/3G/2G networks if your android phone is not yet 4G it can be concluded that there will be no 4G/3G/2G in the cellular network settings.

3. The next way to find out if the cellphone supports 4G is by dialing with this secret code *#*#4636#*#*. if you have entered the code then you will be directed to the type of android phone you are using and that is where you can see your cellphone supports 4G or not.

4. Pay attention to the Sim Card you are using. Usually old cards will not provide 4G networks, for this you can first check whether your card supports 4G or not. or the easiest thing is that you can check your 4g cellphone or not by buying a sim card that supports 4G LTE.

5. How to find out if your cellphone supports 4G or not is by checking the box for your android cellphone. usually outside the HP box, if the cellphone supports 4G, it will usually be written as 4G LTE support. that’s the easy way without you having to open your android phone first.

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How to Configure 4G LTE on an Android Phone

1. To find out the 4G LTE configuration on your Android, just turn it on or turn on your cellphone then you go to settings then select network mode and you choose the network you like, usually it will be displayed with LTE/3G/2G Automatically. then you click on the text until the cellular network changes automatically to 4G LTE.

2. The second step to configure 4G LTE on your cellphone is that you choose a Sim Card that supports 4G, usually a 4G sim card is a sim card that recently came out with a stable network, namely Axis Hitz. I myself use Axis Hitz, although in my area the network is not fast, but when I use the latest card it supports 4G. My android phone is directly 4G LTE.

3. Usually if the card supports 4G and the cellphone supports 4G but you still can’t use 4G, maybe there are several factors that cause this to happen, the biggest factor causing is the location factor. maybe the location when you turn on or use your cellphone is very far from the network operator tower or its location in the mountains.


Those are some ways to find out whether your Android phone supports 4G or not. well that’s it for today about the best way to find out HP supports 4G. It is necessary to pay attention to how to find out if the Android cellphone supports 4G or not by paying attention to the brand of the cellphone itself. The method above can also be used to find out how to find a Samsung 4G cellphone. and other android phones. Well, if you are confused about how to find a 4G cellphone on Android, you can give your review in the comments column below. that’s all hopefully useful.

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