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Supporting Applications when exercising - Boy Blogz

Supporting Applications when exercising – Boy Blogz

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Supporting Applications while Exercising – In order to maintain a healthy body, the first and mandatory thing to do is exercise. With many types of sports currently available, there are also many supporting applications when exercising.

The function of this application is to help you when exercising for the sake of your own body’s health. this time NakBlogz will discuss about supporting android applications when exercising. not only sports such as running or sit ups, but there are excellent applications for supporting extreme sports such as lifting barbells and others.

And as time goes by technology in today’s era is also advancing and sophisticated. Previously, it felt very lacking if when you exercise there was no music or song to accompany it, therefore at least you played a song during exercise.

for the music player application you can read: 7 of the best and most popular music player applications. Therefore, some application developers create supporting applications when exercising.

So, what are the supporting applications during exercise? Alright, here it is Supporting Applications while Exercising NakBlogz versions include:

1. Push Up Workout

The best exercise application on this one is Push Up Workout. This android application is very good for those of you who like Push Ups sports, this application is a must have. because by using the Push Ups Workout application it will make it easier for you to do push ups.

The way this application works is to calculate how many push ups you can do by placing your cellphone on the floor and then you push ups on the cellphone that you have opened the application.

Try to put it face to face with your forehead / head, this way every time you bring your forehead / head closer to the cellphone screen, the application will automatically run to calculate your push ups abilities.

2. Nike+ Run Club

For those of you who like running, this one application, Nike+ Run Club, is great for helping you calculate the distance you travel while running.

How to use this application is by: you open the Nike+ Run Club application from your cellphone, after that activate the running feature, then put your cellphone in your arm or in your pocket.

After you do something like that it’s time for you to run. The working system of this application is to calculate every movement and distance you travel while running. therefore this one sports application you must have for supporters when doing running sports.

3. Abs Sit Ups Workout

For this one sports application, it is highly recommended for those of you who are doing sit ups. because by using this application you will be made easier to count how many times you are able to do sit ups.

How to use this application is almost the same as the Push Up Workout application, but the difference is that when you have opened this application on your cellphone, putting the cellphone is in your hand. because later when you do sit ups your head will be close to the cellphone in your hand.

And automatically when your head is close to the cellphone screen this application will count the number of times you do sit ups.

4. Women’s Hard Training

For women who often do extreme sports, you can try this application to make it easier to check and calculate the exercise you will be doing. The women’s hard training application has many menus contained in the application, such as: push ups, v crunches and many more.

How to use this sports application is quite easy, you just choose what sport you will do, after that this application will provide guidance in the form of time and how many times you can do the exercise.

Therefore, this application must be on your cellphone, even though the title of this application is Women’s Hard Training, but this application is also suitable for everyone who wants to get guidance when exercising, both women and men.

5. 7 Minute Workout

The next exercise application that you must have is 7 Minute Workout. an application that will give you instructions before exercising and will also provide good and correct exercises according to the exercise you will be doing.

The 7 Minute Workout application also has many variations of the sports in this application that you must complete within 7 minutes.

Because according to the name of this application you will be required to exercise within 7 minutes with amazing results if you do the instructions and exercises properly and correctly.

6. 30 Days Chest Exercise

The next exercise app is 30 Days of Workout Dad. with this application you will be facilitated to do sports, especially making chest muscles.

Therefore you must be diligent in exercising and using this application to help when exercising. This app works by calculating and giving you step by step times of practice. in particular is the exercise using dumbbells.

By using dumbbells and exercising every day for a period of 30 days, you should be healthier and tighten your chest muscles if you follow the instructions in this application properly and correctly.

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