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Starlight February 2022 Skin Reward Leaked in Mobile Legends

 Starlight February Skin Reward Leaked in Mobile Legends.

The February Starlight skin is confirmed to be Cecilion's after the gameplay leak has been seen.

You can see more complete gameplay skins here, Gameplay 8 New Skins for Mobile Legends, Layla, Fanny Anime Skins, ETC! 

But of course, you know that there are four other skins which are old starlights that you can buy again.

Before that, we should first take a look at the appearance of the latest skin for the month of February belonging to Cecilion Mobile Legends below.

It looks cool and elegant. For more details regarding skill effects, you can just see the gameplay, Spinners.

Starlight February 2022

You can see for yourself that there are five skins that will be present, namely:

  1. Cecilion – Stargazer (New)
  2. Saber – Force Warrior
  3. Grock – Iceland Golem
  4. Yu Zhong – Biohazard
  5. Make Sun-shin - Azure Sentry

So, for those of you who are not Cecilion users or don't want to buy his Starlight skin, there are four other options that you can choose later, namely Yu Zhong, YSS, Saber, and Grock.

Because now it's quite difficult to find new skins in the fragment shop (don't know for the January update).

It is possible that it could be present because it has entered the new year, but looking at the list and even the first Starlight Saber skin does not rule out the possibility that there will not be much change.

We'll just have to wait, it will be updated if there are leaks.

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