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List of Most Unique Android Screen Lock Apps

Unique android screen lock app – Along with the times that are increasingly sophisticated, making technological developments, especially Android cellphones more sophisticated. With the presence of a Lockscreen or screen lock on Android, it will keep your Android cellphone safe from people who want to open your own Android. and for now usually android smartphones are directly equipped with a lockscreen system without you downloading the screen lock application. but if you want the lockscreen to look different and unique, you can try some of the most unique screen lock applications that we will discuss today.

Unique Android Screen Lock Apps

Previously on this occasion we will discuss about a unique android screen lock application. please note in advance that the screen lock application or lockscreen is very safe to use so that no one else can open your android. and the screen lock application also has drawbacks, namely if you forget your password or password when you lock the screen, you will certainly find it difficult to open your own android. well for those of you who want to install a unique screen lock on android you can try some of the screen lock applications that we will discuss for you, are as follows.

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1. Lock Cigarette Smoke

This one screen lock application is arguably the most unique and cool, because this application has a smoking-themed background. to unlock the screen you simply click on the match in the display then the match will automatically light up and burn the cigarette and your android screen will open quickly. how quite unique and cool is not it? for those of you who are interested, please download it on the google play store and activate it immediately to try this unique android screen lock application.

2. Door Lock Screen

In accordance with the name of this application is Door Lock Screen. in this application your screen lock will be beautified again with a very cool and elegant door theme. door lock screen is luxury and attractive lock screen for you. Just set your four password combinations and enjoy the confidentiality of your smart phone. For those of you who are curious about this door screen lock application, you can try it yourself.

3. Emoji Lock Screen

Android screen lock that is no less unique is an application called Emoji Lock Screen. This application developed by AquaQueen, is the most unique screen lock application ever. In locking the screen you can simply enter the emoji expression that you have set beforehand. not only unique but this application will beautify and very funny if you use it for screen lock. with a simple feature when unlocking the screen will guarantee you to be comfortable using Emoji Lock Screen as the most unique and best screen lock application.

4. Diamond Zipper Lock Screen

The next unique screen lock app is Diamond Zipper Lock Screen. This app allows you to unlock the screen by pulling up a diamond-covered zipper-like appearance. how to use it is that you simply set a password first and then you activate the application to become your android screen lock application. then when you open your android phone, pull the zipper down, and a number selection will appear, and you enter the number you have set as the password.

5. Photo Lock Screen

Times are increasingly advanced and technology is also developing faster, and it is undeniable that a unique screen lock has been developed by highsecure with its screen lock application, namely Photo Lock Screen. in this application you can open an android phone by clicking on the photo that you have set as the previous password. for this one application you can find it on the Google play store to download it.

6. Lock Screen Live Clock

Unlike other android screen lock applications, this one application displays a live clock as your android screen lock. You can also choose the clock according to your individual tastes, and also for Android security, maybe this application is not strong enough to secure your Android because this application is designed for beauty purposes only, and of course this application is the most unique screen lock 2022 version of Nakblogz.


Maybe that’s all some unique and funny android screen lock applications. to get the unique screen lock application above you can download it on the Google Play Store. because all the above screen locker apps are on google play store. well that’s all for now about the most unique and funniest screen lock application this year the nakblogz version, hopefully it will be useful.

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