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List of Free Credit Earning Android Apps

In today’s internet-driven era, of course, we buy internet data quota packages for our smartphones. If this continues, it will be wasteful to buy credit. But did you know that there is an android application that generates free pulses? And who doesn’t want free credit?

Of course, everyone wants free, let alone free credit hehe. to save money to buy credit this time NakBlogz will share application info that you can install on Android to get free credit to all operators. Of course, the application that will be discussed does not directly generate credit without any effort from you.

To get free credit in the application that will be discussed, you have to complete various missions to get it. Okay, let’s just discuss so that you are not curious about the application, here is the list of free credit-generating android applications for the NakBlogz version:

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Cashtree : Free Gift Credit

The best free credit generating application on Android is Cashtree, an application developed by VALUE IN TECHNOLOGY ASIA PTE.LTD. it is able to generate pulses for free. but to get the free credit you are required to complete various missions. and this application also supports almost all prime card operators in Indonesia. Well, if you don’t know the Cashtree working system, you can do the following steps:

  1. Download the application on the google play store and install the application on your android.
  2. Open the application, In the main menu in this application there will be many missions and advertisements.
  3. You open missions or advertisements that give credit, because in the main menu there are many ads but not all of them give credit.
  4. After being opened, run the mission, whether it’s told to visit the web, and told to download the application. Here I suggest downloading the given application because the credit given is pretty good around 1000 – 1500 one application.
  5. If you have collected quite a lot of credit, you can withdraw it by clicking the pulse menu, and first entering your cellphone number. After that, choose the credit that matches your cash. your minimum cash withdrawal must be at least 11,000 to be exchanged for 10,000 pulses.

If you have withdrawn the credit, wait a few minutes, the credit will automatically enter your Android. How easy is it to get free credit with this Cashtree application? for more details you can try running this application. Keep in mind: You can only withdraw credit once a day.

Coin Monster : Top Up

Similar to Cashtree, the Coin Monster application makes it easier for you to get free credit from the application. in this application you have to download or visit the articles provided to get rupiah which can later be exchanged for pulses. As with other free credit-generating applications, in the Coin Monster application there are many Indonesian cards, so all you have to do is choose which card you want to top up with. How to use this application is quite easy, namely:

  1. Download the application (Can be downloaded on the Google Play Store)
  2. Open the app
  3. On the main menu there are many applications that are offered for you to download to get credit. or you can also invite your friends to download this Coin Monster application so that you get a credit commission.
  4. If you have enough coins, please exchange them and choose according to your card, and you’re done.

It’s easy and simple to use this Coin Monster application. By downloading the many applications offered in this application, the greater your chances of getting a lot of credit. for that please install and run this application on your android.

Oing Apk

This application is a bit different from the application above. The difference lies in the main menu of this application, namely Oing itself is almost similar to social media, namely you can post pictures and later will get free credit. and you can also invite friends to download this application so that you get the commission points given. How to use the Oing application as follows:

  1. Download and Open the Oing app
  2. On the first page of this app, click on the (+) icon to post an image on Oing.
  3. Furthermore, for the withdrawal of credit, if you have enough points, you can click redeem to withdraw a minimum of Rp. 25,000 for all cards of all operators.
  4. You can also take part in events that are given by Oing itself so that the points you get are getting more and more and later can be easily exchanged for credit.

The Oing application is quite difficult to run if you don’t really understand how to use it to get a lot of points. and also the weakness of this application is that you can redeem at least 25,000. The points collected to get 25,000 pulses also vary according to the card you use.


Get free credit by running events or downloading applications recommended by mCent itself. The advantage of this application is that you can withdraw credit after meeting the specified points, by clicking Top Up, and entering the card number and name of the card being used. After that, select the credit you want to withdraw. To use this application, you have to be patient and try to collect points. How to use it are:

  1. Install the mCent application on your respective androids
  2. Open the app
  3. Download the applications offered
  4. Collect a lot of points
  5. Make a credit withdrawal.

How is it easy enough right? To get the desired credit in this application, you are required to be diligent in downloading the applications offered so that you can quickly get a lot of points and later use them to get free credit.


This application is indeed very good to use to get free credit for Android. because using this application is also very easy and there are also many offers that will make you more able to collect cash. For those who don’t know how to use this application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Of course the first to download the application and run it
  2. In this application there are many offers to get cash, you just have to choose, for example, download the application, and use the PopSlide lock screen to get additional cash when we open our android cellphone screen.
  3. If you have accumulated a lot of cash. You just need to pull it bro.

If you have withdrawn it until it runs out you can collect the cash regularly. The point is that the more often you download or run the offers that are given, the faster the cash you will get.

Whatever application you use to get free credit on Android, it’s actually the same in essence, you have to be diligent in collecting coins / points in the application so that you get lots of credit quickly. So please collect free credit with the application of your choice on Android.

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