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List of Best Offline and Online Android Football Games

Best Online Offline Android Football Game – Games are indeed endless to play, especially now that various game genres are popping up on Android and of course getting more exciting. but because there are many genres of games on android, many people feel confused about playing games on their respective androids, the most played game on android today is soccer games, now soccer games are on android phones.

For most people, you must be familiar with various soccer games, such as PES or FIFA, which are played on PC or Playstation, but along with current technological developments, soccer games like FIFA and PES can be played on Android, as well as graphics from soccer games. This android ball is very good so it is not inferior to football games on platforms other than Android.

Therefore this time NakBlogz will give you recommendations about the best offline android soccer games, to save internet quota you can play offline soccer games on android you can play android soccer games without an internet connection or offline. and also there are online soccer games. well… well, let’s just discuss, here’s a collection of the best offline and online Android soccer games, including the following.

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Offline and Online Android Football Games

1. Dream League Soccer 2022

The first offline soccer game on android is Dream League Soccer 2022. In this soccer game, you will be the captain of the world soccer game. the features in the dream league soccer game are also very many and good, one of which is that you can play this android offline soccer game very well, thus helping you to control the ball in the offline soccer game on android. and there are also many world football clubs and stadiums in the game.

2. FIFA Mobile Soccer

For those of you who like to play football games on android hd, you can try this FIFA Mobile Soccer game. This soccer game is indeed a little different from other android soccer games, because in this FIFA Mobile game you can play in league events or league versus league tournaments which will make you more exciting to play the best graphic android soccer game on this one. .

3. PES Club Manager

For you football fans, you must play this game in your spare time, namely PES Club Manager. in this android soccer game you will become a soccer club coach, for football clubs you can choose to use your favorite club, then you play the PES Club Manager game on your android until you win. for gameplay, this game already has a pretty good gameplay for the android platform.

4. Head Soccer

For those of you who are tired of playing soccer games with a soccer club, you can try this offline soccer game, Head Soccer. In the Head Soccer game you are allowed to put as many balls into the enemy’s goal. and this android soccer game you play one on one with the enemy, interestingly again in the Head Soccer game you play the game using cartoon characters that are like caricatures.

5. TOP Eleven – Football Manager

For this one game, TOP Eleven, it is not much different from the android soccer game from the training stage to the stage of team matches against enemies. for game play problems, TOP Eleven has GamePlay which is quite good for playing on android and IOS devices. for those of you who want to play android offline soccer games, you can try playing the TOP Eleven game on your android.

6. Ultimate Soccer

If you want to play soccer games on Android with a lot of players, Ultimate Soccer Games can be the best choice for you to play on Android. in the Ultimate Soccer game there are more than 1000 players that you can play. for the graphics in this soccer game, it has become a 3d android soccer game, and the controls are very good and effective to play on android.

7. Real Football

Android soccer game with the best graphics, one of which is Real Football. This best android soccer game was developed by GameLoft, in terms of appearance the Real Football game is very good and already 3D. In the game, you are required to become a club soccer player. This soccer game can also be played between other Player VS Players with an internet connection.

8. Score! Hero

For those of you who like to play soccer games on android offline, this game can be the best choice to play on your android. despite its small size for an android soccer game, but Score! Hero has a 3D display and the features in this game are complete and good for similar games to offline soccer games for android. and for those of you who want to save quota, this game can be the best game choice to play.

9. FIFA 16 Soccer

FIFA 16 is a series of other FIFA games, for football games on android with the best graphics, you can try FIFA 16 Soccer. This game is also the same as with other games, namely you form a team to beat the opposing team. but there is a slight difference in this soccer game, namely, in the FIFA 16 Soccer game you have to collect cards together with soccer players. so to build a team, players must collect cards first.

10. Stickman Soccer 2022

For those of you who want to play Android soccer games, small data Stickman Soccer 2022 can be the best choice. for the character in this game is a little unique, namely stickman or stickman, to play this game is the same as other games, namely you have to build a team and then play to get the win. You can play this offline android soccer game without an internet connection and also light android soccer games.

The final word

That’s List of Best Offline and Online Android Football Games. Previously, you can download the soccer game above on the Google Play Store for free. from the above game there are also small data android soccer games and android soccer games with the best graphics and for those of you who don’t want to use the internet to play soccer you can choose the offline android soccer game above. well that’s it for android football games without the best light internet connection, hopefully it will provide a reference for you to play android games.

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