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List of Best Adventure Games on PC

List of Best PC Adventure Games – Nak Blogz

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The game is indeed endless if we talk about it. Because there are various kinds of games both on the Android and PC platforms. On this occasion, NakBlogz will share information about games with the adventure genre to play on the best PC.

Previously, games with the adventure genre would give their players its own sensation. Because in playing adventure genre games, players don’t get bored quickly because in adventure games, players will be able to do anything in the game.

Therefore, games with the adventure genre or adventure are perfect for those of you who like adventure in the game world. There are many adventure games on PC, but NakBlogz summarizes the 8 best adventure games on PC 2022. What kind of adventure games are in the best category of 2022? Please read carefully below:

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The first and most popular adventure game today is GTA V. This game released by Rockstar Games is able to captivate its players with the future in the game. A feature that is a favorite for PC gamers is the multiplayer mode, in multiplayer you as a player can play with people who are online playing GTA V.

In this game, it is also not much different from the previous series. In GTA V, it has advantages compared to the previous series, namely, very detailed graphics and very wide maps. To play this HD game, your PC must have at least 8 GB of Ram, so that when playing this game it doesn’t lag. this is because the game size is very large, which is around 65 GB (Original Version). and if we are interested in playing the GTA game, you can download it by buying it on steam or downloading the copy version on google.

Watch Dogs

This game is perfect for those of you who like adventure in the game world. Because in this Watch Dogs game you will be a character who has a mission as hacking. with the theme of technology and crime will make players feel at home playing the Watch Dogs game. previously if you play this game you will be able to play in various missions in this one game.

Having very high graphics and very detailed features make this one game much loved by adventure game lovers, especially on PC. In the game players will see about life in a country as if it was very real. And also the various missions that the characters in this game have to face will make players more comfortable playing Watch Dogs as a game for their PC. How are you ready to be hacking in the game world?.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead is a game with the theme of zombies (undead). The walking dead is not only famous on TV or comics, but also exists and is famous in video games. The walking dead game is not much different from the comic series or on television. In this game also takes episodes and seasons as well as in comics or also on television.

In the game the player will become a character who completes many missions in the game and of course the character must fight the ferocity of zombies who want to eat. The PC version of The Walking Dead is indeed very exciting compared to comics or television. The thing that makes this game exciting is that the storyline of this game is very good and every choice we choose will make the storyline different.

Brothers : Tale of Two Sons

A game that tells the story of two brothers, namely a brother and sister, who are on an adventure to find medicine for their ailing father. Because they don’t want to lose their father even though their mother is gone. In the game Brothers: Tale of Two Sons, the characters in the game must work together to face all odds in order to get a cure for his father.

This game also carries a strong exploration theme and there is drama in the game that makes this game feel like real. You can play this game together with the same computer or PC.

Batman Arkham Knights

The series of batman who is strong and has super abilities comes from the Batman Arkham Knight game. In the game you also have to face various kinds of missions in the game. games that have amazing graphics and sophisticated equipment in the game make players feel at home playing this adventure game.

In the story, Batman promises to protect his city from various kinds of dangers that befall him. Are you ready to be the next Batman Arkham?. hehe.

Far Cry Primal

although this game carries the Action genre, it does not escape the adventure theme. because this one game is the newest series from Far Cry. In the game you will be taken to the year 10,000 BC. You will become a hunter in the forest complete with his ancient weapon, namely a spear.

In this game there are also many ancient animals, as well as human life in ancient times. players will be comfortable with very smooth graphics that will make you want to play this game over and over again. The excitement of playing this game arises when the character goes on an adventure in the forest and avoids attacks from wild animals.

For Honor

This game is published by Ubisoft. In this For Honor game, players will be brought to the era of the kingdom or the era of the Dynasty warrior. This game also has two modes, namely single player or camapign mode and multiplayer mode which will make you more exciting in playing the game.

In the game there is also a mode to duel with enemies by means of close combat. This game also has graphics that are no less good than other games. and by carrying the royal theme it makes this game more exciting when played.

So, that’s some info about the list of best adventure games on the PC version of NakBlogz, if there are additional best adventure games on PC, you can add them in the comments.

In conclusion:

There are many adventure games on PC but I can conclude that the games discussed above are the best adventure games of the year. Hopefully it will add to our insight about adventure games on PC.

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