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List of 7 Best Lightest Android Video Call Applications

The Lightest Android Video Calling Application – This time we will discuss about the lightweight Android Video Call Application. and of course the Video Call Application that Saves Quota. Previously, what was a video call? “Video Calls or what is often called Video Calls are indeed very popular today. Because in making Video Calls we can listen to voice and video via Android”.

Therefore, in addition to practically calling someone directly also see his face, only with an internet connection. The reason many people choose to make video calls is to save on credit spending, because no matter how far the people we are going to video call, we only need an internet connection to make this video call.

In contrast to regular calls with pulses, we are limited to calling people. For example, we want to call people abroad but we can’t because the sim card abroad is different from the one we use. or it could be if we want to make calls with people who use different sim cards, of course our pulses will run out very quickly. Therefore, many people choose to make video calls with several video calling applications on Android. besides being light, it also saves internet quota.

Lightweight Android Video Calling Application

For now there are so many applications that make it easy for us to make video calls or Video Calls. Because we conclude that the video vall application is light on android as will be discussed below.

Previously, there were many Best Video Call Applications on Android, but here we mention only a few because what we will discuss this time is what we consider a lightweight video calling application on Android. Well, let’s just discuss the Best Lightest Android Video Call Application as follows.

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The best and quite popular video calling application is LINE. The LINE application can also be used to send messages, stickers, pictures, files and more. in the LINE application to add friends you can add a phone number, contact, or line ID. The Most Stable Video Calling Application on Android. for this video call application, it only requires a little internet quota and certainly saves quota and is lightweight on Android. To download it, you can search for this application on the Google Play Store.

2. Messenger

Unlike other Video Call applications. To enter this application you must also install Facebook, because later your Facebook profile and Facebook friends who use Meseenger will automatically be in the Messenger application. Making it easier for you to send messages, stickers, and more. especially Video Call this application is very good and best used for Video Call with people all over the world. I have proven Messenger myself for video calls and Android Video Call Applications that are Smooth compared to other video call applications.

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Recently, the developer of the WhatsApp application added its newest feature, namely the feature for Video Calls. The lightest Best Video Call application is WhatsApp. This application can also be used to send messages, pictures, videos, documents, and more. for the WA application, it is highly recommended because this application can still be opened even if the internet connection is weak. interestingly the WA application includes a lightweight and fast Android video call application. Therefore WA is very good to use for Video Calls on Android.

4. imo

The fastest and best android video call application, one of which is imo video and free chat. the imo application is the same as the application above, namely you can send messages, stickers and more. for Video Calls or video calls with this application it is enough to save quota. and certainly a lightweight and very smooth video call application. therefore imo is also very good and deserves to be considered and used as an android video call application.

5. Blackberry Messenger

For those of you who want to video call with Android. You must install the BBM application, because in the BBM application there are also features such as sending messages, pictures, videos, groups, channels, and others. interestingly, now BBM can be used for Video Calls. and BBM is also the Best Video Call Application on Android and can be used for video call applications for BB and Android. BBM can also be used to watch videos, make statuses and so on.

6. Skype

Skype is a Video Calling Application for Android and PC. Usually we only know Skype on PCs, but now you can install the Skype application on Android. What’s interesting in the Skype application is that you can chat with friends, make calls, video calls (video calls), and many more interesting features of Skype. Skype is also one of the best video calling applications for Android phones.

7. WeChat

It’s the same with social media applications above. This one lightest android video call application is called WeChat. This app allows you to send messages, voice recordings, and even video calls for free. WeChat can also create statuses such as sharing pictures and more. This video call application for Android you must consider. and this application is also available for PC and Android.

Conclusion :

Well, that’s the list of 7 Best Lightest Android Video Call Applications by NakBlogz version. Actually, there are still a lot of applications that are used for video calls on Android, but here NakBlogz only provides a few recommendations for lightweight Android video call applications and also the best Android video call applications that we have proven ourselves.

So for those of you who are confused about choosing an application for Video Call on Android, you can choose some of the lightest video call applications above. Maybe that’s all about the lightest android video call application and the most stable android video call application and the fastest android video call application that’s all for today about a smooth android video call application. Hope it is useful.