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List of 6 Best Mobile Legends Heroes for Solo Ranked

Best Mobile Legends Hero Recommendations for Solo Ranked 2022 – Mobile Legends game is an android game that is being played by many people today. The Mobile Legends game, which is a MOBA game genre, has many fans, especially people in the Indonesian homeland. and also many famous gaming youtubers also play the Mobile Legends game.

Entering the in-game Mobile Legends is a game designed for team battles, namely (5vs5) but you can also play solo (play alone) which will later meet a team in random mode. well… here you are hockey – hockey gets a good team or even gets a team that doesn’t play well (noob).

If you play solo ranked too often and complain “why do you always get a noob team on mobile legends?” getting a noob or pro team in mobile legends is very possible, therefore you should at least invite your friends to play (mabar), or play with the squad. Well, if you don’t have a squad yet, there are no friends to play with, maybe the following solo ranked 2022 Mobile Legends tips that I will share might be able to reduce your solo ranked load that is stuck at a certain tier.

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If you play solo ranked in the mobile legends game, you have to pay attention to the right hero for solo ranked 2022 or a good meta hero at this time. because every mobile legends update maybe the meta hero can change. for those who don’t know the meta hero is (a hero who is currently strong). So, what heroes are strong for solo ranked 2022? here I share Recommended 6 Strongest Heroes for Solo Ranked Mobile Legends 2022 version Nakblogz.

Hero For Solo Ranked Best Mobile Legends

1. Harley

The hero for the first ranked solo comes from a Mage-type hero, Harley. Harley is a mage hero who has a unique skill, namely throwing cards in the first skill and can move places using the second skill, and the ultimate (third skill) on this hero will throw a bracelet at the enemy which will explode.

The reason this hero is very suitable for solo ranked is Hero Harley is very agile and very fast for roaming (Move to another lane) this hero is very good to use in the early game (minutes 2-8) because the damage given is very large.

However, when using the Harley hero, you have to finish the game quickly because if it comes to the late game (10 minutes and above) when the enemy’s item (build) is finished, Harley doesn’t have too much damage. therefore you have to be diligent in roaming using harley during the early game and solo lord if possible.

2. Lancelot

The hero who is currently ranked solo as well as the strongest hero in ml 2022, is Lancelot. This agile assassin does have such a large demage, so that in Draft Pick Mode (Epic tier and above) Hero Lancelot is always Banned. Having a large demage there is a lancelot hero, but people who use lancelot must also be trained.

Because every skill from your Lancelot hero must be well directed to the enemy hero. if you already understand the skills of lancelot you should use this hero if you are still epic tier down, then you can be sure you will reach epic if you use lancelot hero in every match.

3. Hayabusa

This assassin-type hero is very fitting and suitable for solo ranked use. Because Hayabusa has a unique skill but has a very large damage. with skill 1 you can throw 3 suriken and when hit by the enemy, the damage is quite large and can slow the enemy. skill 2 which raises four shadows that allow you to move to that shadow. and skill 3 or ultimate hayabusa will attack enemy heroes with shadow moves.

So you can attack the enemy using skill 3 but the enemy cannot attack you, because the ultimate is a shadow. and this hero is very suitable for solo lane because you can use ulti to minions so it is very suitable to push enemy towers quickly.

4. Cyclops

Hero suitable for solo ranked next is Cyclops, this mage-type Hero has very sick skills, you could say all skills from cyclops heroes have very painful damage. For the current meta, Cyclops has become the choice of many mobile legends heroes who are able to lift their team.

Because if the item or Cyclops build is ready and if the hero is a marksman type, the enemy mage when the cyclops hero combos is usually dying immediately. and also this hero is unique, namely when the skill on the cyclops hero hits the enemy, whether it’s a minion, jungle monster, the coldown of the skill is reduced.

5. Kagura

The right hero for solo ranked 2022 currently being used is Kagura. This hero became famous and widely used because this hero became the favorite hero of pro mobile legends players, namely RRQ LEMON. when he uses kagura then automatically the enemy does not move.

Kagura is an old hero in mobile legends who has a lot of skills. Uniquely, this hero only has an umbrella that can make the enemy fall and lose.

6. Fanny

If you play solo ranked, then you can pick Hero assassins, namely Fanny. this hero is very agile and difficult to kill by enemies because skill 2 issues a cable to the wall and when the fan flies it will give damage to the enemy. so you are very difficult to kill if you use fanny.

However, not many people can play this fanny hero because the difficulty level of controlling the cable is very high. but you can learn to play fanny hero from youtube tutorial. and if you can use faany, you are guaranteed to quickly go to Mythic.

Conclusion :

That’s List of 6 Best Mobile Legends Heroes for Solo Ranked. keep in mind if you use the list of heroes above you must really understand how to use the hero. if you just use the hero above but you can’t use it then you will be a burden on your team. one more thing if it’s a matter of winning or losing it depends on your team and also the hero used by your team. well maybe that’s some of the strongest solo ranked heroes according to nakblogz. Hope it is useful.

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