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List of 6 Best and Lightest Android Keyboard Apps 2022

6 Best and Lightest Android Keyboard Apps 2022 – Keyboard or keyboard is a very important tool for writing or typing on an Android smartphone. because more and more touchscreen android phones must allow you to type via keyboard applications. although the android phone automatically contains a default keyboard, the default keyboard sometimes lacks emojis, unique fonts and more.

Thus you should try the best and lightest keyboard application that will be discussed today. ok if you are confused about choosing the right keyboard application on your android, this time NakBlogz have a recommendation about a good and latest android keyboard application. Let’s just discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the following lightweight keyboard applications.

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Best And Lightest Android Keyboard App

For those of you who want to use a unique and cool font style and lots of very cool emojis, maybe you can consider the following keyboard application for use on your Android. The following is a complete Android keyboard application that is very light to use, which is as follows.

1. Kika Keyboard

The first most convenient android keyboard application is Kika Keyboard. By using Kika Keyboard we can enjoy the best features of this one keyboard application, one of which is an android keyboard that can use the free photos you want. and also features cool fonts, cool emojis and features auto-correction, that is, if you write an invalid word, the keyboard will automatically correct it. what’s more interesting is that Kika Keyboard supports more than 150 languages ​​for the keyboard. what are you waiting for if you want to choose a keyboard on android. Kika Keyboard is very worthy for you to consider using because of its many advanced features.

2. GO Keyboard

By using GO Keyboard, users can experience a very cool feature of this application, namely that there are many emojis, gifts and various backgrounds and you can also use your photos for the keyboard background with GO Keyboard. by supporting more than 60+ languages ​​which will make you more comfortable using this one keyboard application. and the best thing about this application is to use GO Keyboard with a small size that will be light to use on android.

3. Gboard – Google Keyboard

The unique and good android keyboard application in my opinion right now is Gboard – Google Keyboard. This keyboard application is an application made by Google, so the features of this application are very cool. one of them is google translation which automatically runs on this application and Google Voice which allows you to just say something without having to type long. as well as the Google search feature which is the hallmark of Google.

4. Cheetah Keyboard

If you are looking for a colorful and cool android keyboard, maybe you can consider Cheetah Keyboard for you to use. because with this one keyboard application you will get a very cool feature, namely various colorful themes on this keyboard. and there are emojis, and you can customize the keyboard theme, that is, you can change the typeface, typing sound, and color on the keyboard.

5. Rainbowkey Keyboard

One of the cool android keyboard applications with colorful themes that will make us more comfortable to type using this one keyboard. by using Rainbowkey Keyboard you will also be presented with many features from this application, namely there are many gifs, cool fonts, keyboard themes, and many more cool features of this one application that you must enjoy and use on Android as a keyboard.

6. FancyKey – Indonesian Keyboard

Next up is the classic android keyboard app. by using FancyKey as a keyboard you will get very good features from this application, one of which is that you get a variety of classic and very cool themed keyboard themes. by sharing a selection of fonts, emojis, themes and more that will make you feel at home using this one keyboard application on Android.

The final word :

That’s List of 6 Best and Lightest Android Keyboard Apps 2022. for those of you who want to download one of the keyboard applications above, you just need to find the name of the keyboard in [Google Play]. Well, that’s all, a review of the most comfortable android keyboard application to use on Android. Hope it is useful.

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