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List of 5 Best Android Music Games Offline And Online

List of 5 Best Android Music Games – Listening to music does make the heart and feelings become more calm and comfortable. but have you ever thought when playing games combined with the sound of music or songs?

Well.. this time we will share information about the list of the best music games or rhythm games on Android that you can play while relaxing.

By playing these music games, it will make us more comfortable because the genre of music games is casual or relaxed, unlike other game genres that require high concentration to play them.

Playing music games on android can be sure you can easily play and achieve high scores in rhythm games the.

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List of Best Android Music Games

as we know that there are lots of music / rhythm games circulating in the play store, but to make it easier to choose the best music game on android, we will give you 5 recommendations for the best offline or online music games on the android version Nakblogz as follows.

1. Nora

The first best android music game that we will discuss is the Nora game. This game is a very fun piano playing game. because in the Nora game you will get a cool game theme, as well as very good gameplay to play while relaxing. and also accompanied by songs or music that are ready to pamper you to play the Nora game. and pulling it to reach a certain stage in the game Nora is not so difficult to play.

2. Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator

If you get a short relaxing time, maybe you can make real drum music games an option to play rhythm games on Android offline. you can play real drum games without an internet network (Offline). this game is the same as the original drum so that the drum kit is very complete.


This game released by Rayark, Voez is a very fun rhythm game to play. as with its predecessor games, deemo and cytus, VOEZ also has the same gameplay. In the game there are several characters who have their respective roles. the characters are similar to anime. VOEZ is an offline anime music game that you must play in your spare time.

4. Piano Tiles 2

The next best Android rhythm game is Piano Tiles 2. Who doesn’t know this game? Piano Tiles 2 is a piano music game where later in the game players are required to touch (Tap) the piano keys. The piano tiles 2 game also has a lot of songs that you can play.

5. Guitar Flash

The next best android music game is Guitar Flash. Guitar Flas game is the same as other music games, where the player must click a button that has been determined according to the song that sounds. Guitar Flash has a variety of rock, pop and many more songs that you can play without getting bored.

The final word :

That’s List of 5 Best Offline And Online Android Music Games. You can choose music games from the list above that you can play on Android. well maybe that’s all the best android music game whether it’s offline or online, hopefully useful.