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List of 10 Best Launcher Apps for Android

List of 10 Best Launcher Apps for Android – Boy Blogz

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Dlist of 10 Best Launchers for Android – On this occasion I as the admin of nakblogz will share information about the best launchers for android. Previously, the launcher on every android phone was different or not the same and there was also a default launcher from an android phone that wasn’t good enough to look at.

What is the launcher itself? Launcher is a theme that replaces most of the android themes such as icons, text and more. Thus I suggest changing the launcher only so you can enjoy newer themes and the ones you like the most on your own Android phone.

There are so many uses for the launcher, one of which is to beautify the appearance of Android to make it look better and according to the tastes of its users. Launchers for Android phones are widely circulated on Google Play. Well, let’s just discuss, here are the 10 best launcher applications for android version of NakBlogz.

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1. Hola Launcher

The first best launcher application is Hola Launcher. Hola launcher itself is very light and suitable for decorating your android. In Hola Launcher there are many choices of themes and wallpapers that will beautify your Android. If you use Hola launcher as your android theme, you will be presented with many features and icons that will replace your default icon to be more unique and attractive. Hola launcher supports all types of android versions. This will make you safer and more comfortable using Hola Launcher for a different Android look.

2. Go Launcher

This launcher is very much in the interest of many people because of its lightness and many choices of themes that will make users feel comfortable. Go Launcher itself was developed by the Go Dev Team. Go launcher has its flagship feature, namely there are many choices of the latest themes at this time and also equipped with a garbage cleaner on Android so that Android is more optimal and faster. If you want your launcher to be better, please try this Go Launcher on your android.

3. APUS Launcher

By using this APUS Launcher application you will get many of the best selected themes at this time. The themes or launchers in the APUS Launcher application are very diverse, so you just have to choose which one is suitable for the theme or launcher on your Android. Apus launcher can not only function as an android theme but can also speed up android performance, because it is equipped with a Boost feature that will speed up and lighten your android.

4. CM Launcher 3D

This launcher allows you to choose your dream theme/launcher because there are so many choices in terms of colors, icons, and much more. With the support of 3D themes will make the appearance of your android more beautiful and cool. and as if real. Other additional features such as Boost phone and security phone that will make the phone faster and keep the phone away from viruses.

5. C Launcher

In contrast to CM Launcher by using C Launcher you will be presented with its superior feature, namely we can change icons at will. And also C Launcher has other additional features such as Clean Cache, and also a smart manager that will make you feel at home using C Launcher as the theme of your choice. In addition, C Launcher can also speed up and clean your Android from viruses so that your Android phone is safe to use.

6. Zero Launcher

The features of the Zero Launcher application itself are almost the same as the features of other launchers, but the difference is quite visible in the feature where you can hide the application so that it cannot be seen by others. And also in addition there is a Lockscreen that you get directly from the Zero Launcher application itself. Using this application as a launcher is very easy once you just open the application and set the default as a permanent theme on your own android.

7. Apex Launcher

By using Apex Launcher as a launcher on Android, you will make users comfortable using Apex Launcher as a theme on their Android, because the features of this application are quite good. and also other features, namely that you can change the writing on the icon or shortcut with the name you like, and it has an application hiding feature that makes your application more secure.

8. ZenUI Launcher

For those of you who want to apply a launcher like on an asus smartphone, you can try this ZenUI Launcher application because by using this application, the theme on your android will change to an asus cellphone theme. ZenUI Launcher has many features, one of which is that it is very easy to edit the main page of the theme. And there is also a choice of themes in this ZenUI Launcher application.

9. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is a launcher application for android. This application also has many features that make the launcher look better. By using Nova Launcher Prime you can change themes, icons, text, wallpapers and many more which you can change according to your own will. To download Nova Launcher Prime, you have to spend money to download this application for around Rp. 65,000 via the play store. even though it is paid, this application will not disappoint you because the features it has are really good.

10. Arrow Launcher

This launcher application is called Arrow Launcher. By using Arrow Launcher as a launcher on your android, it will make your android look better and more elegant with this very good launcher. By having many excellent features, namely it looks good, and there is also a search engine, you just have to dance from the top of the android cellphone screen and a search engine appears. Thus, of course, you will be made comfortable using this launcher application.

With the various launcher applications above, it is hoped that it can help those of you who are choosing a launcher for Android so that you get a reference for your own Android launcher. Actually, if you use the default launcher from Android itself, it is good and comfortable, but if you want something that looks better, you can use the launcher application above.

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