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How to Use HTTP Injector with Axis Card

How to Use HTTP Injector with Axis Card – Hello, bro, on this occasion, NakBlogz will share a tutorial on using HTTP Injector with Axis card. Previously, of course, those of you who like free internet are definitely familiar with this one application. You can use this application called HTTP INJECTOR on android devices, the purpose of using this application is that you will get free Internet whether it’s for online streaming, youtube, games, downloads and others related to the Internet. then how to use HTTP Injector is easy – easy and difficult. to find out how to use the full HTTP INJECTOR you can read:

The Axis card is indeed very popular with the people of the country today. because by using the Axis card we can get quota promos on Wednesdays and Fridays which will save money for buying Internet quotas. this year the axis card also just released an axis card called Axis Hitz, this card supports 4G signals so it will make your internet faster. if the internet quota runs out you don’t have to bother to buy it again. but you can use the tutorial that I will share, namely How to use HTTP Injector with Axis Card.

How to Use HTTP Injector with Axis Card?

how to use http injector for free internet is very easy. how to use HTTP INJECTOR with Axis card is as follows:

  1. The first step is to look for Axis card Config, at this time I happen to use Axis Hitz card so I will look for Axis Hitz card Config. search for Config you can open Google and type “” (without quotes). after that click on the website page then select “Catalog” (without the quotes again), after that you look for the config file here I type “Axis Hitz” (without the double quotes). then click one of the most recent config (usually the top order). after that, please download the config.
  2. After the Config has been successfully downloaded, the next step is to open the HTTP INJECTOR application, if you don’t have this application, you can download it on the Google Play Store. after the application is opened, click the three-dot icon or the file icon in the upper right corner of the HTTP INJECTOR application. then click Import Config, then select the config that you downloaded earlier on the website.
  3. When you finish importing the config, the next step is for sure you can guess. Click “Start” don’t be in a hurry, friend, you first check “Google DNS” the goal is to be able to connect. after that just click “Start”.
  4. After clicking “Start” you can see in “Log” (activities running on the application). and for sure you have to read the ultimate mantra first the goal is to be able to connect . If the config is good and your location is possible, you can be sure that the config is successfully connected. and enjoy Free Internet with AXIS card.

HTTP INJECTOR Tutorial with Axis Card

You can try the tutorial above if you use an Axis card. keep in mind a few rules of the game:

  • make sure the card you use when running HTTP INJECTOR is an Axis card that does not contain credit and quota.
  • The above method can run smoothly if you read in detail the tutorial above for free internet.
  • You can use the above method without entering an SSH account, so try to find a Config that already contains an SSH account or the SSH Config is locked, which cannot be tampered with.

NOTES : Now Axis has a KOID limit of 30MB per day, so I recommend using Psiphon pro.

That’s how to use HTTP Injector with the latest version of NakBlogz’s Axis card, if the config is difficult to connect you can disable cellular data or activate flight mode and re-enable cellular data. If it’s still difficult to connect or in other words “Disconnected” the only way is for you to hunt for the Config again on Google or on other social media. That’s the Http inejctor tutorial with Axis card, hopefully it’s useful, greetings gretongan.

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