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How to Use Fake GPS for Mobile Legends

How To Use Fake GPS For Mobile Legends – Who is not familiar with this one game, namely Mobile Legends, the game that used to be very viral until now has indeed made many players become addicted to playing this game. with the MOBA android game genre that uses 5vs5 players to destroy enemy towers.

The team that can destroy the main tower is the team that wins the game. to fight in the mobile legend battle, we are prepared to choose the mainstay hero that we will use to fight in the Land of Dawn. An interesting feature that Moonton recently developed is the “Street Leaderboard” feature or our ranking of certain heroes in an area, whether it’s a sub-district, district, province or even country.

To activate the street leaderboard rank, you are required to turn on location services to place the hero ranking area you are using. As we know before, if we use Indonesia’s location, whether it’s any province, it will definitely be difficult to get the senior, or supreme title because we already know that all Indonesian players are good at playing mobile legend, even in certain regions there must be pro players.

Therefore, if you want to get the senior or supreme title in mobile legend easily, with few competitors, you just have to use a trick by using Fake GPS.

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Fake GPS is a fake location application service that allows us to choose any location for later use on the street leaderboard so that we can get the title supreme mobile legend easily because we can choose the location of a remote country where people don’t play mobile legends much, so you will get a title senior, or supreme with few competitors and easy.

Well, without wasting time, here’s how to easily change the location of mobile legends.

How to Change Mobile Legends Location With Fake GPS

As I said above, you just need to use an additional application, namely Fake GPS to outsmart certain locations so that it’s easier to get the senior title, or supreme easily.

Here are the steps for using Fake GPS for Mobile Legends

1. First, you first download the application Fake GPS [DOWNLOAD]

2. Open the Fake Gps application, on the initial screen you will be asked to activate developer options in the phone settings. (like the picture below)

3. After the developer options are active, you are asked to activate the Fake Gps application (See picture below).

4. After everything is active, you open the Fake GPS application, then you select which country you want to use to manipulate the location of Mobile Legends. (for example, I use North Korea, because maybe that country has few mobile legends players).

5. Finish selecting the location, you press the green play button in the lower left corner of the Fake Gps application.(See the picture above).

6. Then you just open the Mobile Legends application, then enter Leaderboard, select Street / Street then select settings / settings iconn the location. then the location will automatically match the location on the Fake GPS that you selected earlier.

7. If you get the location, press “OK” then you play a game in Ranked mode using the hero you want to get the senior or supreme title.

8. When you’re done, you just need to play Ranked mode on the particular hero you want to get supreme or senior.

Additional INFO : If you have finished changing the location on the street leaderboard, you just have to keep playing on a certain hero and to get the title / title will be reset every week, namely Monday night at 21:00 certain local time.

The final word :

That’s How to Use Fake GPS for Mobile Legends. by using fake gps it will speed up you to get a senior or supreme title on your mainstay hero in Ranked. well, that’s just how to get the supreme title in mobile legend and how to use the title in mobile legend. Hope it is useful.

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