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How to Unregister Telkomsel, tri, Axis, XL, Indosat Cards

How to Unregister Telkomsel, tri, Axis, XL, Indosat Cards – With the decision of the Minister of Communication and Information regarding restrictions on re-registration of prepaid cards, for people who have businesses, the fourth number must be registered at outlets owned by the operator so that it is clearly recorded. therefore for sim card registration, only 3 sim cards are allowed using one NIK (Population Identification Number).

By using data in the form of a NIK to register a sim card, it will make us safe when receiving threatening sms, or fraudulent messages so that when we report the message it is easy to track the whereabouts of the person. Based on this policy, for customers who have registered three numbers and want to add a new number, they must first unregister.

Previously, cellular operators had introduced an unregistered registration system for all cellular cards in various ways. With the unreg system, it is easier for us to register a sim card using the same NIK. because basically we can’t register a sim card for the fourth time with the same NIK, unless you have to UNREG first before you can re-register on the next cellular card.

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Well… for those of you who have registered the same NIK on 3 different cards but want to register on another card with the same NIK, then you have to UNREG Registration first. to do Unreg registration on card sharing, be it Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis, XL or tri. Each card has its own way to unregister, but you don’t have to worry because this time Nakblogz will give you a way to unregister Telkomsel, Axis, Indosat, XL and Tri cards easily.

How to Unregister Telkomsel, Axis, XL, tri, and Indosat Cards

1. How to Unregister Telkomsel Card Registration

To unregister your Telkomsel card, you just need to send an SMS with the following format: UNREG send to 4444 or make a call to *4444# click call then select no. 3 then enter the NIK then press OK

2. How to Unregister a registered Axis/XL Card

to do UNREG on a registered Axis/XL card is to make a call *123*4444#

3. How to Unregister Card 3 (tri)

To unregister a prepaid card that has been registered, the method is a bit complicated as follows:

  • First, you visit the Tri (3) prepaid card registration website at
  • Second, on this page the user selects the Unreg menu
  • You then enter the required data, starting with the phone number and NIK
  • The next step, the user asks for a secret code which will be sent via SMS
  • After receiving the code, the customer enters it into the box provided. It is worth remembering that this code is only valid for five minutes.
  • On text I’m not a robot, check the box provided
  • The last step, the customer clicks Send
  • Finished

4. How to Unregister Indosat Card Registration

To unregister an Indosat Ooredoo card that has already been registered, you can send an SMS by typing: UNPAIR#PHONE NUMBER then send to: 4444

The final word :

That’s How to Unregister Telkomsel, tri, Axis, XL, Indosat Cards. how to unreg tri card, how to unreg axis card, how to unreg telkomsel card, how to unreg Indosat card, how to unreg xl card, how to unregister card 3. You can re-register using the same NIK for a new card. Therefore, if 3 times you have registered for card registration with the same NIK, the fourth time you have to UNREG register first so you can use the NIK to register. Hope it is useful.

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