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How to Unlock a Locked Android Phone Pattern

How to Unlock a Locked Cellphone Pattern – Every smartphone brand must have security to secure the cellphone.

One of the most widely used mobile phone security features is pattern security.

Because by using the pattern security feature, your cellphone is guaranteed to be safe and no one will be able to open it unless you make the pattern yourself.

With high enough security to open the pattern, it makes it difficult for other people who want to open your cellphone.

But in addition to features that are very high security, but sometimes we can forget the pattern so that it makes the android cellphone locked because we forget the pattern.

If you have forgotten the pattern so that the cellphone is locked, you don’t need to panic first because I will share how to open a cellphone that has forgotten the pattern.

Previously, it was undeniable that forgetting patterns could happen because we ourselves sometimes make patterns too difficult and make it difficult for us to remember the pattern.

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Here’s how to unlock a locked cellphone pattern.

How to Unlock Forgotten HP Patterns

There are several ways to unlock a locked Android phone pattern.

Here I will discuss one by one tutorial on opening a locked cellphone because you forgot the pattern.

1. Using Android Device Manager

You can delete the existing pattern or password on your Android phone.

A fairly easy way is to open a locked cellphone pattern with the help of the Android Device Manager.

Here are the steps to use the Android Device Manager.

  • First you have to remember the google account and password on your cellphone.
  • You open the android device manager on a laptop or other cellphone and log in with the account on the cellphone, forget the pattern. [KLIK DISINI]
  • If you have successfully logged in, your cellphone name will appear.
  • You just choose”Erase Device”.

If you have selected “Erase Device“Then the pattern on your Android phone is gone.

And by using the Android Device Manager feature you can find or block your cellphone when your cellphone is lost you can block your cellphone with the Android Device Manager feature.

2. Using Find My Device

If you are a Samsung Android cellphone user, be happy, because this feature can be used for those of you who use Samsung Android cellphones of all types.

How to open a samsung cellphone pattern using Find My Device. as with the Android Device Manager, you are required to log in with the account on your cellphone to run this feature.

Here’s how to open a password-locked Samsung cellphone.

  • First you use another laptop or cellphone to open Find My Device
  • You go to Find My Device [KLIK DISINI]
  • After that you login with the google account on the locked cellphone.
  • After that, your Samsung cellphone will appear.
  • and you just choose”UNLOCK

By using Find My Device you can also search for your Samsung cellphone device and also be able to open a pattern that you forgot to lock on your Samsung cellphone.

3. Factory Reset

If all the ways to open a locked cellphone pattern above fail, you can use a powerful step, namely resetting your Android device. here’s how to reset android all brands.

  • Turn off the android phone
  • Press Power Button + Volume down + Home
  • Factory Reset

The final word :

That’s How to Unlock a Locked Android Phone Pattern.

You can use several ways to open the forgotten pattern above to open your locked cellphone. Hope it is useful.

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