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How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit without the Latest Fees 2022

How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit Without Fees – Telkomsel is one of the best internet network card providers at the moment.

With a stable network and also an extensive internet network to remote villages, making the Telkomsel Card the Telkomsel Simcard of choice is widely used.

However, with the internet signal being so broad and reaching to rural areas.

Telkomsel also has a weakness, namely the price of Telkomsel card internet packages which are quite expensive.

But with a stable network service makes the price and quality balanced. To buy a Telkomsel internet package.

The first step you take is to top up credit.

You can add Telkomsel credit by reloading or buying credit.

Or you can also receive credit from someone.

So if you have a lot of Telkomsel credit and want to share it with your friends, how do you transfer Telkomsel credit?

No need to be confused and worried because this time I will share how to send/transfer Telkomsel credit

Whether it’s to fellow Telkomsel or to other operators easily and of course without additional costs.

How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit Without Fee

You can transfer credit to fellow Telkomsel numbers or to all operators in various ways.

One of them can transfer credit via SMS, through the My Telkomsel application, or it can also be done by dialing.

Here, I will discuss the latest 3 ways to transfer Telkomsel credit without fees.

1. Transfer Telkomsel Credit Via SMS

  • First you open the SMS menu.
  • Then type TULSE(space)Credit Amount. (Example : TULSE 10000).
  • And Send to recipient number
  • Wait until the SMS is sent and the credit has been successfully transferred.

You can also use the Telkomsel credit transfer method via SMS to transfer credit to other Telkomsel numbers or to card operators other than Telkomsel.

2. By dial *858*

  • First open the Call menu
  • On the dialpad, you type *858*Recipient Number*Toll Amount#. (Example :*858*081345678901*5000#).
  • Then a notification will appear you select “YES“.
  • Wait a few moments, and the Credit Transfer is successful.

Easy transfer of Telkomsel credit at no cost is to use dial *858*.

Not only can you share credit transfers to other Telkomsel numbers, you can also transfer Telkomsel credit to 3, transfer Telkomsel credit to XL and transfer Telkomsel credit to Indosat.

3. Through the My Telkomsel Application

  • You open the My Telkomsel application and select it from the start menu “Give a Gift
  • Then on the menu enter Recipient Number
  • The next step you choose “Credit Transfer
  • Enter the amount of credit you want to transfer.
  • Then select the payment method you choose “Pulse
  • Then open the SMS containing the verification code. and enter the verification code in the My Telkomsel Application.
  • Wait a few moments and there will be a notification that the Credit Transfer is Successful.

Those are the 3 Latest Ways to Transfer Telkomsel Credit 2022.

You can do the above method if you understand the terms and conditions for credit transfer so that it runs smoothly.

The following are the terms and conditions of Telkomsel credit transfer.

Telkomsel Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions

  • This transfer service only applies to fellow Telkomsel users. Be it Kartu As, simPATI, or Loop. But by using SMS to transfer credit, you can also transfer to all operators.
  • The minimum credit that is transferred is Rp. 5,000.
  • Maximum transfer of credit to the same number 3 times per day
  • A maximum of 10 transactions a day with a maximum cumulative total of IDR 1,000,000.
  • The minimum remaining balance after transfer is IDR 5,000.
  • When transferring credit, the status of the SIM card from both the recipient and the sender must be active.
  • Credit transfer does not increase the active period for the recipient.
  • There are a number of fees of IDR 1,500 – IDR 2,000 to make a transfer.

Conclusion :

Following How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit without the Latest Fees 2022.

By understanding the terms and conditions of credit transfer in advance.

It will make it easier for you to transfer credit, especially Telkomsel providers.

Well, that’s all the Latest Telkomsel Credit Transfer Method, hopefully it’s useful.

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