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How to Transfer Packages From Axis Card to Axis Hitz

How to Move Axis Hitz – The Axis card has become a favorite card for the Indonesian people today. Because by using the Axis card we will get promos on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays or commonly known as Cayenne Wednesdays (Wednesdays must be economical) the package promos are very cheap, as well as on Fridays. But along with the development of sim cards on smartphones, Axis also developed Axis cards known as Axis Hitz. The Axis Hitz card is also the target of everyone, because on the Axis Hitz card we immediately get unlimited BBM, Whatsapp, and Line bonuses.

And also because of the presence of the axis hitz package, you don’t need to buy a package for BBM, Whatsapp, and line because it’s free even though the axis hitz card is without credit and quota. and also because axis hitz rates are so cheap compared to other cards. Therefore, on this occasion, we will share how to register the hitz axis. For those of you who are still confused, why do you prefer to use the Axis Hitz package compared to the regular package? Because by using the Axis Hitz Package, you get as many social media bonuses as you can fuel, wa, and line every day. Well, without further ado, we will share tips on how to move to axis hitz for free.

How to Move to Axis HITZ

Actually, there are already Axis Hitz cards circulating in kiosks that sell sim cards on smartphones. but if you buy a regular axis card or axis gaol, you can also register for the axis hitz package for free. How to activate axis hitz is not much different from activating packages like other cards, but there are a few tricks that you need to understand about how to move to axis hitz easily and quickly. well, let’s just prepare the ingredients first.

Materials that need to be prepared:

  • Ordinary Axis Cards (Axis Gaol, Kzl etc.)
  • Android Smartphone
  • 5000 . credit
After you have filled the ingredients as above, the next step is how to activate the axis hitz card. How to move to axih hitz as below:
  1. First of all, you need to top up your credit for Rp. 5000 for the axis card. After the 5000 credit has entered the Axis card, the next step is to activate the Axis Hitz package.
  2. To switch to Axis Hitz rates, you can easily open your phone and type *123*7*7*1#. After that click call to your axis card. And automatically there will be a notification “Benefit Hitz bonus Chat, call and video call with Whatsapp, Line and BBM.
  3. After the notification appears you select Next to continue, and until it’s finished.
  4. When the axis hitz activation is complete, you will receive an sms from Axis, that you have successfully registered to the Axis Hitz package. and the sms will be like below.

It should be noted, to get to the axis hitz tariff, you need Rp. 5000 credit to register it to the Axis Hitz package, so you must first top up the axis card that you are going to transfer to the Axis Hitz package.

What are the advantages of the Axis Hitz Package?

Many people will ask questions about what are the advantages of the Hitz Axis package compared to other Axis packages? Here I will answer some of these questions. The advantages of Axis Hitz include the bonus of using unlimited BBM, Line, and Whatsapp every day. and can also be used for free internet with the help of free internet applications, because it relies on the BBM, Line and Whatsapp bonuses. To find out about free internet with Axis Hitz cards, you can read:

How to Free Internet Using XP Psiphone Axis/XL


That’s a little trick on How to Move Packages From Axis Card to Axis Hitz. The method of registering the axis hitz above is a bit complicated, but if you have trouble and don’t want to bother changing the axis package to axis hitz, you can directly buy an Axis Hitz card, because now there is already an Axis Hitz card, the price of the Axis Hitz prime card is also relatively cheap in the 3000 – 10,000 because each region the price of the axis hitz package is different. so with the presence of the axis hitz card, you no longer need to register it with the axis hitz tariff. Well, that’s a little way to move to axis hitz, hopefully it’s useful.