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How to Transfer Fund Balances to All Bank Accounts 2022

How to Transfer Money From DANA To Bank – The DANA application is an application that can be used multifunctionally with various features.

One of them is that you can send money, buy credit & packages and other payments very easily using DANA.

Not only that, DANA also allows you to transfer money to a BANK Account.

As we know that sending money by transfer to a bank account can only be done by people who have bank accounts as well.

However, by using the DANA application, even though you do not have a bank account, you can also transfer money to a bank account using only this application.

Especially with DANA, if you are a new user, you will get a free transfer to a bank account, free handling fees of 10 x Transfers to the Bank.

As we know that transferring a bank if it has a different bank account will incur additional fees, this is different from DANA, which is free of handling fees.

Whether it’s a brief explanation of the DANA application, then we will provide a Fund Balance Transfer tutorial to all bank accounts.

  1. Open the DANA Application.
  2. Click “send” at the top of the menu.
  3. Next click “Send to bank account“.
  4. Put in “Bank name“(Find the name of the bank to be sent,”Example: BRI) to which you will send money, and also “Account Number” (Account number purpose. (aka just leave it blank).
  5. After entering the bank name and account number, select “Confirmation“.
  6. Enter the amount to be transferred and select “Confirm“.
  7. Wait for the process, finally you will be asked for your DANA account PIN, Enter PIN and automatic transfer has been successful.

note : Before making a transfer to the Bank with the DANA application, you must first register a DANA account such as ID card identification, as well as a cellphone number and also create a PIN/Password for your Dana account. After successfully registering an account, you can only use the Bank transfer feature.

The final word :

The advantage of transferring money with the DANA application is that you can get free administration fees of 10 transfers.

And you can make a transfer to the bank for 10 million for a premium account (already verified ID).

That’s how to transfer funds balance to BRI, BCA, MANDIRI, BNI and other Bank Accounts.

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