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How to Track Someone's Whereabouts Through Whatsapp

How to Find Someone’s Location Via Whatsapp Mobile Number – If you are a person who is curious about someone’s feelings but you don’t know the whereabouts of that person, but this time you don’t have to be confused anymore because Nakblogz will help you to know the whereabouts of someone via whatsapp or cellphone number only.

Previously, for those of you who wanted to track someone’s location via the WhatsApp application, first you had to still chat with that person because later we needed the latest chat history to get the person’s address.

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Fine, just for those of you who want to track someone’s location without being known via wa, the method is quite simple, namely as follows.

How to Find Someone’s Location Via Whatsapp

You need to know first to track someone’s location with whatsapp, you must first make sure the person is online because later we will track his whereabouts with the help of IP ADDRESS. Here are tips on how to track someone else’s cellphone number without the owner knowing.

1. First you open whatsapp, but you have to open whtasapp web which means you have to open whatsapp on the computer.

2. After opening WhatsApp on the computer, you will then find the person you want to know the location of that person.

3. Then invite him to chat and make sure he is always online.

4. It’s time for execution, you just close all programs running in the background of your computer, by opening the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete). then “End Task” on all programs except the program you use to open Whatsapp Web.

5. Next run the Command Prompt by pressing Ctrl+R, then type “cmd” and press the “enter“. then enter the command “netstat-an” and press again “enter“.

6. Then you write down the IP address and then you enter it on the website: (fill in the target IP).


The method above may be quite difficult and complicated, but if you want a way to easily track someone via WhatsApp, the method is as follows.

1. Open Whatsapp, then chat with someone

2. Tell him to share his location

3. Open with google maps. finished.

How easy is the second way right? but if you want to know someone’s whereabouts secretly, you can simply use the first method to track someone’s location without being noticed. and if you want to be more accurate you can use the second method.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Track Someone’s Whereabouts Through Whatsapp. for those of you who want to know how to track someone via whatsapp, nakblogz has provided 2 ways above, you can choose the method that you think is right. that’s all about how to find out someone’s location via whatsapp. Hope it is useful.