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How to Top Up ShopeePay with the Latest Credit 2022

How to Top Up ShopeePay Balance With Credit – The many choices of payment systems on the Shopee application, one of which is payment with ShopeePay.

Some people choose to make payments via ShopeePay because the taxes or handling fees are not too large.

And the main advantage is that you can get lots of interesting promos, one of which is free shipping when you make a payment via ShopeePay.

Well, here are the steps on how to top up ShopeePay via Credit easily in 2022.

As we know that there are only 3 options for Top Up ShopeePay, namely; via Bank Transfer, Indomaret and Alfamart.

However, if we don’t have a bank account and are lazy to leave the house to top up at Alafamart or Indomaret, you can use the top up method with credit.

Can ShopeePay Top Up Use Credit?

Many people have asked this question, and our answer is that it is very possible if you know the procedure.

Okay, just look at how to top up shopeepay via the Nakblogz version of credit.

Top Up ShopeePay Via Credit

The first step you have to do:

1. top up enough credit

2. Visit the following website

3. After entering the website, you select WhatsApp Logo to continue chatting with Customer Service via WhatsApp.

4. After connecting to WhatsApp, you chat with the CS by stating “I want to convert credit with the number of pulses (Example: 50K)”.

5. Then next you will be sent “Forms that must be filled” (The form is in the form of our identity and the network card number that we want to use for transfers).

6. After completing the form, you select “Submit” and Screenshot that the form has been confirmed.

7. Then proceed to WhatsApp, send the screenshot of the form and you ask for the number that we will transfer the credit to.

8. You can say and adjust what card you use to transfer credit which will be directed by the CS. (Example: I want to transfer credit with Telkomsel card 082xxxxxxxx ).

Continue to How to Transfer Credit

Please note that each network card is different as well as the code for credit transfer.

To transfer credit, you can read: How to Transfer Credit to Telkomsel

And if you use another provider, you can read how to transfer credit as follows according to your simcard.

How to Transfer AXIS Credit via SMS

1. Type SMS: Share (space) Destination Number (space) Nominal Credit

2. Send SMS to 168

3. Then you will get a confirmation SMS

4. When Yes then send to 168

5. Wait for the next SMS.

How to Transfer Credit 3 Via SMS

1. Type SMS: TRF[spasi]Transfer Amount[spasi]Destination number

(Example: TRF10000 089XXXXXXXXX)

2. Send to 123

How to Transfer Smartfren Credit Via SMS

1. Type SMS: SEND[titik]Destination number[titik]Nominal

(Example: SEND.088XXXXXXXXX.10000

2. Send to number 879

How to Transfer XL Credit via SMS

1. Type SMS: Share (space) Destination Number (space) Nominal Credit

2. Send SMS to 168

3. Then you will get a confirmation SMS

4. When Y then send to 168

How to Top Up ShopeePay via Credit

After successfully transferring the credit according to the specified nominal, don’t forget to screenshot the SMS as proof that you have successfully transferred the credit.

Then send it to WhatsApp Customer Service Via Credit earlier.

After being confirmed by CS, you will be asked for a bank account number to fill up your Shopeepay balance.

Here are the steps for opening a ShopeePay Bank account

1. Open the ShopeePay app

2. Select logo “Profile“then select”ShopeePay

3. Next you select “Fill in the Balance

4. And select the option “Bank Transfer

5. Choose a Bank (Free but I recommend BCA)

6. Then our ShopeePay account number will appear, then you can take a screenshot or select “Copy“.

7. The last step is to send the ShopeePay code to WhatsApp CS Via Credit earlier.

8. Wait a few moments because Via Credit does the transfer.

9. Done.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Top Up ShopeePay with the Latest Credit 2022.

You need to know that there are special rules where the nominal credit that we transfer will not be the same as the nominal transferred to our ShopeePay.

This is because of the tax system on Via Pulsa.

For example (If you transfer 30Rb credit, you only get a ShopeePay balance of 21Rb)

So far, I have understood, both ways to top up ShopeePay balance with credit.

Hope it is useful.