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How to Telkomsel Free Internet Without Toll With HTTP Injector

Telkomsel Free Internet on Cell Phones Without Credit – For those of you who have a Telkomsel simcard, the trick to getting free internet is much bigger than other simcard providers.

The reason why Telkomsel cards are easier to use for free internet is because there are many promos from Telkomsel cards and certain free quotas, for example, learning quota, unlimited Max, Maxtream, just chat packages and many other free packages.

By using the Mytelkomsel application you can buy the package at a low price of Rp. 10 which can be said to be free.

If you are lucky, you will get certain package promos, for example the “Chat Aja” package which is priced at only Rp. 10, but as the name suggests, this package can only be used for chatting.

However, this is not the case, we can change the packages, namely Maxtream, ChatAja and others, into the main quota that can be used for unlimited internet only by using third-party applications.

Okay, here’s how to get free internet Telkomsel 2022.

Before carrying out the following tutorial, it’s a good idea to first buy a promo package that can be obtained with the My Telkomsel application.

Here are the steps to buy a package of Rp. 10 Telkomsel.

  • Download and open the My Telkomsel application (you can get it on the google play store).
  • After that, login with the Telkomsel number you use.
  • Select Options “Shop
  • Then you look for a package with a promo of Rp. 10 (Maxtream, ChatAja, Quota learning)
  • Then you choose one and buy the package.

Info : Because different Telkomsel numbers have different promo packages, so you can choose a package that fits the Rp.10 promo, for example: ChatAja,Maxtream,GameMax,UnliMax. You can search for one of these packages and do the purchase process, which is Rp. 10.

Telkomsel Free Internet Settings

After activating the promo package, the next step is to convert the package into the main quota by using the HTTP Injector application.

The following materials are used:

  • Download the HTTP Injector Application {DOWNLOAD}
  • Download Config Telkomsel [BUKA DISINI] (My suggestion is to choose and download some config)

Here are the steps for using HTTP Injector.

1. Open the HTTP Injector App

2. Select the file logo in the upper right corner then select “Import Config

3. Find the config that you downloaded earlier.

4. After the config is successfully imported, then you select “START“.

Info: If you can’t connect, you can import other configs that you have downloaded. Therefore I recommend downloading as many configs and try one by one because the config doesn’t last long. And if it’s still difficult to connect, you can ON/OFF airplane mode and try to reconnect.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Telkomsel Free Internet Without Toll With HTTP Injector.

Surfing with an HTTP injector using a Telkomsel card is a bit complicated, but if you learn slowly like the method above, you will be successful in getting free internet.

Well, that’s just how to change the unlimited package into Telkomsel’s main quota. Hope it is useful.