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How to surf for free without an SSH account

How to Free Internet Without SSH – Many people who use free internet with http injector often ask, How to surf for free without ssh? Actually the free internet method without an ssh account in the http injector application is very easy. therefore on this occasion we will share a free internet tutorial without an ssh account on the http injector application. Previously what is an ssh account? ssh account is an account that can access the internet server of a country that we choose as a server for free internet. for those who don’t understand and don’t understand about ssh accounts and how to create an ssh account you can read how to create an ssh account forever.

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Free internet tricks without ssh account

How to surf for free without an ssh account on Android, a very important thing at the same time that will be used for free internet without ssh is to use an application called HTTP Injector, this one application is indeed very popular in Indonesia. because in the http injector application we are able to create a payload by using the operator bug that we use. Well that’s all at a glance about the http injector application, for the rest, let’s continue the free ssh internet trick without dc.

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How to get free internet without using ssh

ok, let’s just start the free internet without an ssh account. but you need to know that there are tools and materials that you must fulfill for free internet without an ssh account. Internet tools and materials without an ssh account are as follows.

  • First download and install the HTTP Injector application on your android.
  • Create a payload according to the operator bug you are using, or download a config that unlocks ssh.
  • Make sure you use a sim card that is smooth and has lots of configurations. One example of a sim card that is easy to find bugs is Axis.
  • Finished.

Free Internet steps without ssh on android

As for the steps that you have to go through to surf without an ssh account. the steps for free internet without an ssh account on android are as follows.

1. Open HTTP Injector free internet app

2. Make the payload/config according to your sim card, or you can download the config that matches your sim card in the fb social media group.

3. If you have made the payload or have entered the config, then you click the three lines in the upper left corner of the http injector application.

4. Scroll down and select or click “Server”

5. When you select “Server” you must be connected to the internet. then how to choose a server when not connected to the internet? how you first use other free internet applications, one of which is kpn tunnel ultimate, after that you open the http injector application and select “Server”.

6. Next you will be directed to the server options provided by the application, you can choose according to your taste. here we suggest choosing a singapore server so select “Singapore Dedi”.

7. At this stage you click turn on remote proxy, and secure shell (SSH), then click save.

8. Then you just click “Start”, and wait for it to connect.

That’s roughly how the internet is free without ssh 2022, by using an HTTP injector help application. keep in mind you can try the above method if you don’t have an ssh account. so you no longer need to create and fill in an ssh account at http injector. but there are some drawbacks if you don’t use an ssh account, the internet speed is limited by the ssh server, and also many ads that appear when you use an ssh account from the http injector server. but the advantage is that you can surf for free without the need to create an ssh account.

fine that’s it How to Free Internet Without SSH Account. and keep in mind and pay attention that you can make a payload by watching it on youtube or downloading it in a social media group that specifically discusses free internet tricks without an ssh account. and the above trick you can use on all operators. Okay, that’s all from us, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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