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How to solve the Instagram application that can't be opened

How To Fix Instagram That Can’t Be Opened On Android – The Instagram application is a very popular social media application and is widely used by celebrities or other famous people. Many people choose the Instagram application as a social media application because the security level on the Instagram application is very high.

For example, we cannot create duplicate accounts belonging to other people, and it is very difficult to take (hack) someone’s Instagram account. unlike other social media applications, let’s call it Facebook which has a less security level in my opinion.

When many people use Instagram, have you ever encountered an error problem? Or the Instagram application can’t be opened without a definite cause? If you’ve ever experienced an Instagram error or it couldn’t be opened when logging in, maybe this article could be a solution to your Instagram problem, or you can’t login.

Previously, Instagram experienced an error or the Instagram application could not be opened not without reason, but there were several factors that allowed your Instagram to often make errors, or could not be opened. Before going into the subject of how to fix an error Instagram, it’s a good idea to know some of the causes of Instagram experiencing errors or Instagram that can’t be opened on Android as follows.

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Causes of Instagram that can’t be opened or error

There is an error problem or the Instagram application cannot be opened, there may be several factors causing it. According to Nakblogz, the causes of Instagram cannot be opened, including: Your smartphone memory is full, the old version of the Instagram application, there is a lot of cache, internet networks, smartphones that open many applications at once.

Maybe that’s the only reason why Instagram can’t be opened according to Nakblogz, well… to fix / fix an error Instagram and an Instagram that can’t be opened, along with the main discussion.

How to solve Instagram that can’t be opened

Fixing an Instagram error and an Instagram that can’t be opened, I will share several ways to solve Instagram that can’t be opened/error on Android, which are as follows.

1. Update the Instagram Application

Maybe the cause of Instagram errors often, even if you can’t open it, is that you’re using an old/old version of Instagram, even though there’s already a newer version of the Instagram app on the Play Store. Therefore I recommend diligently updating the Instagram application on the Google Play Store.

2. Clear Instagram App Data

Due to the large amount of data stored on the Instagram application, there is also one data error that will cause your Instagram to crash or even not be opened.

To overcome this you simply Clear Data / Clear Data on the Instagram application. to delete the following instagram data 🙁 Go to Settings Apps Instagram Clear Data )

3. Clear Instagram Cache

It’s the same as deleting Instagram data, you just have to clear the Instagram cache. The Instagram cache is where your search history and other data that you have opened on Instagram is stored.

Clearing the cache will make it easier for the Instagram application to run smoothly without errors. clearing your cache is enough 🙁 Go to settings Apps Instagram Clear Cache )

4. Check Internet Connection

The smallest thing that is often forgotten is the internet connection. Instagram cannot be opened due to a network error, therefore you need to know that the Instagram application can only be opened and run with an internet connection.

So you have to pay attention to the internet connection to keep it stable and good. because Instagram is very wasteful on an internet connection, so you have to pay attention to the internet signal as good as possible so that you can open Instagram smoothly.

5. Restart Smartphone

If you use your smartphone all day, whether it’s using social media or playing games, you have to pay attention to your smartphone because it’s not only humans who need to rest, even Android phones need to rest to run optimally.

The break in question is every day you have to restart/reboot your android phone. because if it is used continuously without restarting, then the system on your android will be difficult to run optimally which will later error when opening the android application.

Conclusion :

That’s Causes And How To Overcome Instagram That Can’t Be Opened. By following the tips above, your Instagram should no longer have errors or can be opened normally. well maybe that’s the only way to solve Instagram that can’t be opened and how to fix an error Instagram. Hope it is useful.